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‪Ron Paul – Bankrupt, & the federal debt will never be paid

February 26, 2010, CNN 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul articulating his thoughts on the country’s insolvency and the fact that the federal debt will never be paid.


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5 Responses to "‪Ron Paul – Bankrupt, & the federal debt will never be paid"

  1. 09051961butts says:


  2. vechorik says:
    I want to know why none of the political candidates have been asked their stance on Agenda 21? It’s all political. Have you studied United Nations Agenda 21 and how it’s being implemented in the US? Search YouTube for “How your community is implementing AGENDA 21″ The lady with long, white hair is a liberal speaking to a conservative group.
  3. wineverytime1 says:
    go to he is the real deal. he cares about this country
  4. ForLiberty888 says:
    Ron Paul is the ONLY politician who understands economics, monetary policy, philosophy of liberty and the constitution. His message is fresh and young – individual liberty, sound money, small government within constitutional limits.
  5. wccrispy says:
    Ron Paul 2012

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