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10 Days To Go !?

All situations worlwide point to a tipping point is immenent. It looks to me that the next 10 days will be the most critical since Lehman Brothers collapse. Look for another PIIG to join Greece this week as those in dire trouble. Meanwhile, the USA continues to burn while the masses watch a Florida murder trial.

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25 Responses to "10 Days To Go !?"

  1. TheKirk15 says:
    Anyone wanna start Caesars Legion with me when shit hits the fan?
  2. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @TheQ3XXX Sounds as logical as anyhting I’f heard yet!
  3. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @MrThriveAndSurvive I think you might want to take a look now. Europe is on the verge of ultra disaster although they will print ot infinity to cover for now, our best hope is to raise the debr ceiling by 2,4 T and not structurally fix anything, Cisco is laying of 10,000 people (replaced last month by McDonald’s hiring), Many other companies now saying they are laying off many. Minn.has been shut down for 2+ weeks now, other cities are getting ready for bankruptcy. Round 2 has begun sir.
  4. vomit55 says:
    @PREPAREORSUFFER look out the window now
  5. MAINEVENT2010WSOP says:
  6. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @PREPAREORSUFFER What is it exactly that you think happened in 2007,2008 and since? How can you miss it? People in 2007 said it was coming and nothing came???? Sir, you are living through the biggest collapse in the entire history of the world and it is in progress. I think maybe the problem is that you think it is a one day “wake-up in the morning and it’s over” event. This is a wake up after 5-7 years event. The great depression started in Oct. of 1929 and ended in the 1940′s. Same now.
    @MrThriveAndSurvive …….see thats my problem with all these people….its always it hasnt happened YET !! its always yet OR its coming…… matter what the situation its ALWAYS in the future ! i have been involved with this economic nonsense since 2007 and have been hearing the very same warnings since 2007 and now its midway through 2011 and STILL the very same warnings !! i no longer buy into it like i used to …..if it were going to happen it would have already !
  8. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @PREPAREORSUFFER I guess Rupert is below a cave man’s mentality or maybe I am because I don’t see it. Nothing did break loose asa you say – yet. The same issues are there though. I actually belonged toRupert’s “club” for one month to try. When I saw that prediction of his I thought it was a very shallow assessment of the situation. Yes Japan will slow global GDP but not to the magnitude he was talking about.
    well 10 days is up !!!!! and michael rupperts april warning that we have till july AT THE LATEST till economic collapse and its so easy a caveman can see it……….here we are almost in the middle of july !!
  10. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @nordfjellBrandt Looks like nothing so far – an 7.8 earthquake but mostly offshore New Zealand with no major Tsunami is all. Everything is still on the edge though contrary to CNBC which I caught today and if I had no other source I wold think we just entered the 2nd coming of Christ. When people realize the reality of what is just around the corner there will really be weaping and gnashing of teeth.
  11. nordfjellBrandt says:
    ONE day to go! I’ll check back in a month!
  12. bruno188home says:
    @killuminatirooster sadly some told me he had been killed, when i commented i had not seen him in the latest main riots.
  13. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @MrThriveAndSurvive (part 2) any major mother nature event would cripple many nations and force money printing. This is what has occurred in Japan for example but nobody is connecting the quantitative easing that took place after the quake there to help with the Yen in particular. More and more I see the two connected as nations run out of “rainy day” funds to take care of issues. Great questions ShillBasher!
  14. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @ShillBasher Yes, this is a gut feeling but based upon some facts. Many economic issues are now coming to a head and all at the same time. It is like juggling many balls in the air. Eventually so many balls are in the air that you are bound to mess-up. Geologically speaking, it is the same thing. This is especially true with at least 3 nuclear power plants now in danger from mother nature in the USA alone. Tectonic activity also has increased lately. We are so strapped now that (cont.)
  15. ShillBasher says:
    Interesting short economic observations you’ve made but a couple of things confused me:
    1) You strongly suggest that we have just days before something major will occure. Is this assumption based purely on a gut feeling?
    2) You say that something either geological OR economic is likely to happen within 10 days. I just can’t understand the logic behind linking the two. Geology has nothing to do with the economics, unless your analysis is somehow religiously inspired! Is that the case?
  16. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @gibbo675 Cheers my friend!
  17. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @nightbladex14 I agree not the end but maybe the start of the end. Something big is on its way – at least that’s what I feel by looking at everything as a whole. I would that it will be a peachy smooth summer with a fine recovery and plenty of jobs being created. But my gut says otherwise. I appreciate greatly your opinion and thank for sharing itQ
  18. nightbladex14 says:
    :( i disagree that THIS time around will be the end. A default is on the way but it will be orderly. I expect the market to take a downturn in August to October, which will be called the Second Leg down of Collapse and we can be rest assured, that we will limp ourselves into 2012 presidential elections.

    It’s good to prepare for what is expected. I personally have bottles of Rad X on hand but i don’t expect Greece to be apocalyptic as some may make it seem. Though it is VERY significant.

  19. gibbo675 says:
    Cheers Rich.
  20. savgal1211 says:
    @MrThriveAndSurvive Me. too.. The Trailer shows it as a little radical ( Of course). I don’t know who owns/ runs Nat. geo. Hope it isn’t Time Warner, or Soros ( hah)!!
  21. vashguud says:
    Yea this casey trial is complete bs the matrix pushes on tv.
  22. myaim07 says:
    @MrThriveAndSurvive She’ll have an MTV reality show after it all blows over.

    Most of our family, my prepper friends and their families are in a ready right state now. My inlaws certainly aren’t, but we have a little food ready to give them just in case. Oh yeah, and their first line of defense is still 911…

  23. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @nightbladex14 china is taking over the world in (no so) baby steps. They become more bold as their financial leverage multiplies. Remember, you are always the slave to the lenderr. China will soon be the entire worlds biggest lender.
  24. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @GuildF40 yes, Lehman triggered 5-10 trillion in Collaterialized debt obligation derivatives. It is estimated that Greece would directly trigger 20-50 trillion in credit defaul swap derivatives. Of course, that would weaken everything else just when they don’t need to be weakened. Any other default would multiply the derivitive desaster by more multiples. So, then you are right – much more than 2x-5X but indirect.
  25. MrThriveAndSurvive says:
    @SirTrouserRuffles Great point. That is why even China has said they will bail out Greece. They recognize that a Greece bankruptcy means the end of the end has begun.

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