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110323 – Hyper Report

Reports on Hyperinflation: Portugal Braces For Government Collapse Amid Debt Crisis Obama: Drill, Brazil, Drill! Existing-Home Sales Plunge, Setback for Housing Recovery True US Debt Exceeds World GDP by $14 Trillion US Approaching Insolvency Detroit’s Population Crashes The Reality Detached American Will JPMorgan Now Make and Take ‘Delivery’ of Its Own Silver Shorts? Pleaseprepare now for the beginning of the economic and social unrest. The content contained in the Hyper Report is provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in these videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and before making any significant investing decisions. All stories are sourced and assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.


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25 Responses to "110323 – Hyper Report"

  1. WarrivarNeo says:
    lol @ 2:07


  2. apox2011now says:
    google – chinese eating aborted fetuses

    a shocking 46,000 results. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  3. Anothercoilgun says:
    Complicit is my world for 2011. So much complicity so many need to be punished.
  4. WreakingHavoc1 says:
    @mrcaymanislands1 Exactly. When does someone in the government grow a brain and say “We can’t afford to keep spending like this.”? I guess they’ll realize it after the dollar is worthless.
  5. Joe11Blue says:
    @HyperReport Honestly at that point, we holder’s of Physical will be able to demand any price we chose. They can either pay what i want, or have fun trying to get what they need at $34. The Free-Market can be manipulated for a period of time, but once it get’s going, nothing can hold it back. Momentum will always triumph over mass. When the mass is behind the momentum, there’s no stopping it. Essentially the supply shortage will force the mass into the momentum.
  6. javabarbarian says:
    You talk fast
  7. mrcaymanislands1 says:
    America got to much on it’s plate soon we will nose dive straight down the drain!!!
  8. stixin2000 says:
    @troybr79 lol
  9. tgpdlp1 says:
    Keep stacking indeed. I have always found Gainesville Coin the cheapest price around on silver. If you want less than 20, todays price on a silver eagle is $42.74 A tube of 20 is a bargain at $846 or $42.30 wow!!! The premium is going up almost as fast as the spot price.
  10. CTOL1 says:
    Wish I had the way back machine and moved my IRA to silver in 2006
    (good after noon/ evening) was damn near late for work this morning… LMAO
  11. izzyizod says:
    Well done as usual, thanks.
  12. Ilovehistorychannel says:
    RonPaulClassics – great new channel – check it out
  13. HyperReport says:
    @ggadguy I contacted SGTbull07 and notified him what happened and he told me that it was alright. Great guy! :)
  14. ggadguy says:
    @ytgv3fc7 That makes sense. I like Silver Gold Truth! : )
  15. HyperReport says:
    @btigtime2 I need it :)
  16. ytgv3fc7 says:
    @HyperReport given the radionuclide cloud you might want to consider an indoor hydroponic. I was just about to get my garden started but now I’m really, really concerned. I may as well start at it anyhow but I’m starting to wonder if I should get a geiger counter before I eat any of it. Then again I’ll be breathing the same air carrying the same rain so I may as well be fucked. zerohedge put the map animation up, they’re not known for fucking around with the truth
  17. ytgv3fc7 says:
    @ggadguy in a comment SGT replied his initials are S G T, Shawn being his first name.
  18. troybr79 says:
    Dear JP Morgan, can you please thow one huge wad of cash at the silver shorts and drive the price down for 1 day, I need to buy a couple more 100 oz bars, thanks.
  19. dispersingweight says:
    Loving my physical. Great vid bro, keep up the stellar work.
  20. SandDogSmith says:
    I believe the HYPE!!
    How morbid am I that I look forward to waking up and listening to your Reports every morning?
    Was thinking about maxing out my Chase Creditcard to buy silver from Apmex which has its transactions account with Chase, then just not paying any of it back.
    What if everyone with a Chase card did this?

    OH!! A man can dream!

  21. HyperReport says:
    @gasdorf The problem with this situation is the fact with backwardation going on, the difference between physical and paper will begin to grow more and more quickly. So, while the official price of silver may go down to $34 or lower, you will not get your hands on it for that amount.
  22. scutter4christ says:
    Thanks my friend. it’s become a joy to listen to your reports. If we are going to have to hear depressing news, at least you deliver it with a chipper voice! :o )
  23. MrNukinFutz says:
    Definitely a part of my morning coffee and wake up routine, thanks Scott!
  24. DigitalSkyline says:
    @davincij15 and at the same time the IMF get’s to “buy” the gold from the treasury at $42/oz …
  25. gasdorf says:
    thank jp morgage and the crimex giving us cheap silver…perhaps they can keep do that maniulation thing going

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