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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » 2012- 2016 — The End of America — trillion dollar deficits Collapse the Economy by end of decade

2012- 2016 — The End of America — trillion dollar deficits Collapse the Economy by end of decade

A Tsunami of debt is growing and will drown the United States by 2020. Unfunded entitlement promises will be ruinous to keep and if cut will likely bring civil unrest. Sovereign insolvency is likely to spread across the Globe as higher interest rates are demanded for government borrowing. America faces a terminal decline as an economic Superpower as stagnation and high unemployment sap its strength.

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21 Responses to "2012- 2016 — The End of America — trillion dollar deficits Collapse the Economy by end of decade"

  1. guitarplayer3602 says:
    bottom line. This country needs to be fixed. democrat or republican, some of the stuff we do is absolutely wrong.
  2. rotagen5 says:
    It’s all worth it if those responsible for the Fed face firing squads.
  3. preparinganark says:
    @MrZombieBiscuit agreed.
  4. MrZombieBiscuit says:
    @preparinganark It is because of people like him that america is falling, leave this poor patriot alone. By the end of 2013 he will realise how wrong he was…
  5. mIsTiCaLkIttY0101 says:
    2020 is awfully generous, try late 2012, the country will collapse this year. Suprise suprise, just like the Soviets, it will happen suddenly and swiftly with little to no warning.
  6. preparinganark says:
    @paintballer058 Wow such wisdom. Guess I could say you are educated beyond your intelligence, but that would be oximoronic. Seeing your hyperbole indicates neither. and my facts are cited you need to wise up.
  7. mrjacobpat says:
    @farmmur please ” A group of free people” america has never been free. in fact it is shockingly closer to the current russia than many other countries who dont go about claiming they free. there is no freedom in democracy. and capitalism was made to benefit the 1% that own most of the wealth. the democracy we currently have in many countries is VOTE FOR A DICTATOR. in my honest opinion i think that the only way forward out of this mess is the venus project. look it up and get back to me.
  8. LittleEnchancerCat says:
    how they know that the end of the world is true im not believe it
  9. furyberserk says:
    Wow. The same thing is happening across the world too. This isn’t alarming anymore…
  10. paintballer058 says:
    @preparinganark well you’re just blooming with uncited, rambling facts aren’t you? GTFO
  11. preparinganark says:
    Just one problem, we dont have until 2020. our debt is over 15 trillion now and growing at OVER 15 million/sec! and getting worse by the second. By the time you watched this video, our debt grew 2.745 BILLION dollars. Keep the change obama.
  12. houstonboonecrocket says:
    RON PAUL 2012
  13. farmmur says:
    I really believe that if we abide by the Constitution and get the socialists out of office America will emerge from this mess and be powerful again. A group of free people who understands that it’s up to them to do their part cannot be held down. I do realize that we need to keep constant lookout for corruption, but we can do that. Capitalism is the only economic system that will make this country prosper.
  14. adelgado75 says:
    America is great.
  15. Lovinight says:
    A movement is forming people of the US. I urge you to watch The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In – Part I&2 on youtube, follow the link in the beginning of part 2 and sign up. Finally, something is starting to bring this country back to it’s origin.
  16. Ugura23 says:
  17. OrionHeights167 says:
    LOL at comments
  18. GeminiPDX says:
    @keltecdan- Agreed.
  19. BogusDudeGW says:
    The great depression was to blame for WW2 and what we are experiencing now will result in WW3 soon enough if USA gets their way. Difference is last time they managed to keep out of it for as long as possible and it never made its way to their shores, making money from the allies in supplies and rebuilding, stealing nazi scientists for NASA etc This time will be very different, it will take twice as long and US cities will get blitzed, but as usual the rest of the world will suffer more.
  20. Tanatbenbenpoppop says:
    @ilovejosey1 no way US can pay this trillion tons of money,it is going to 100% of whole nation GDP :)
  21. OzumaRukasu says:
    Brazil was, in the years past, in a huge crisis and stagnation, by then the greatest one in the world. Now the country grows up at high rates of 7% every year and will overtake all the european countries by 2020 in terms of economy. It already overtook Italy and the UK.

    All I’m saying is that a nation can change their present just by willing to do so. Yes, it’s that simple. America’s not lost.

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