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What is the difference between foreclosure and auction?

My brother was in jail for a while and he suddenly got notices in the mail about foreclosure and other letters about house up for auction, what is the difference? … Read entire article »

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How do debt relief agencies benefit?

I have a friend who is in debt and needs my help. He gets mail from different debt companies about how he can have all of the debt he has made into one simple monthly payment. I am wondering if this is really legit and how do those certain companies benefit from all of this. Thanks … Read entire article »

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Prevent Foreclosure of House with HARP Program

If you are struggling home owner who is in the adjustable rate mortgage slab, not able to make monthly mortgage payments; than Government making home affordable refinance program (HARP) is here to help you. Millions of homeowners as the result of financial crunch have not been consistent with their mortgage payments, and which is why federal government has come up with various programs, and HARP is one of them. If you’re presently in an adjustable rate mortgage and finding yourself having problem coming up with the monthly installments, you’re in the same place as millions of other Americans are. Fortunately, there is help for everyone, counting you that are having complexity. You could avoid foreclosure through Obama’s home affordable refinance program. The main matter is that numbers of homes are now … Read entire article »

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Easing Your Burden With HARP Mortgage

My friend Aiden bought his first home several years ago. He went for a fixed rate mortgage and managed to consistently pay his monthly dues without fail. That was until the recession hit and the firm he was working for had to shut down. Aiden tried to find another job to try to keep up with his mortgage payments but many firms were simply not hiring. So Aiden had to work as a waiter at a restaurant which was less than what his qualifications could offer. He was also earning significantly less than what he earned as an engineer but he had to do something in order to live. With his reduced income, Aiden had to make some adjustments to his finances and that included reducing his monthly obligation on … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation

There are simple ways to assist you in getting rid of that pesky credit card debt, but working with a debt counselor comes highly recommended among those items. Here are some strategies to help with your credit card debt. The first credit card debt step is to attempt to bring down your interest rates on your credit cards. To achieve this, let your credit card providers know that it is becoming difficult for you to pay your balances. The more behind you are, or if you have card debt in default the more likely your creditors will be willing to negotiate with you. They will be more then happy to give you an alternative payment plan, seeing as how they want you to pay them back and communication with your credit … Read entire article »

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Does anyone know the penalties of defaulting on a student loan?

I was wondering if anyone knew what the penalties were of defaulting on a student loan. My loans have changed hands so many times and I’ve tried consolidation and all that seems to do is get me in more hot water. The other day I was sent a letter stating that I was about to default on a loan and that I would be subject to litigation. How much jail/prison time is involved? I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore. I mean suing someone for not having money is stupid, but our justice system lets it happen all the time. … Read entire article »

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Making Home Buying Affordable

If you are trying to buy a house, for sure, you really want the property to be very affordable. Everyone aims to get a discount for the property they want to buy, but surely, investing in a house is such a very expensive financial activity. You will truly try your hardest particularly in the negotiation stage just so you can have the lowest deal for the house you want. You will go to available properties, let us say, Gilbert homes for sale , and check if your budget can handle it. After deciding which property to buy, you will plan and calculate for your initial purchase and try if you can still make the selling price lower. During the negotiation process for the Gilbert real estate property that you chose, … Read entire article »

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Any proposed student loan debt elimination programs or interest rate reductions?

Has anyone heard if Obama’s new budget includes anything about possible programs to help cut down student loan debt or a move to lower interest rates, particularly for consolidation? … Read entire article »

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Where can I find a Foreclosure houses list for free?

Hey, I’m planning to buy a house, a friend recommend me to look for foreclosure or repos, What do you recommend? and where can I find info? … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Advice

Yemmi Bebbi provides advice about factors to consider with credit card usage … Read entire article »

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(Refinance to low mortgage AND High Interest Education Loan) OR (High Mortgage Interest AND No Education Loan)?

We have a primary mortgage of 201,000 USD at 6.125% 5 year arm with 1.5 year left on the terms. We have a secondary mortgage of 39,000 USD at 4.125% variable interest rate. The house value is estimated at 211,000 USD. We have about 40,000 USD in our checking account and no savings. I will be going to school for a Physical Therapy program. My tuition fee for 3 years will be 40,000 USD. I am getting a fedral direct unsubsized loan at 6.8% with upto 10,000 USD disbursed each time starting this fall. My husband has a steady job and makes around 100,000 USD. How should we best manage our finances??? 1) Should we save the 40000 USD for my tuition and not take any of the 6.8% education loan? We will try to refinance … Read entire article »

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