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$25 Billion Mortgage Settlement

Ira Rheingold, Executive Director of the National Association for Consumer Advocates, discusses the billion mortgage settlement with five of the nation’s top banks and what it means for homeowners.

Sen. Franken explains the next steps now that the federal government has reached a mortgage settlement with the biggest banks.


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16 Responses to "$25 Billion Mortgage Settlement"

  1. cdltpx says:
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  2. cdltpx says:
    @cdltpx Get this I am right about things 90% of the time I don’t shoot from the hip I do lots of study and research on things. It is rare I have to print a retraction. BO is riding high with a 50% rating right now and this can’t last bc fuel is going to cause immediate inflation which will absorb the disposable income causing the economy to become stagnant again. We are under the grips of PEAK OIL and until we wake up and redevelop transport methods we abandoned in the 1900′s we will be fucked.
  3. cdltpx says:
    @finerbiner That is amazing W your attitude I was suspecting you were somebody’s 12 year old punk puke on line to irritate people. IDK about superiority Kid Rock said it ain’t bragging MOTHER FUCKER if you can back it up. Kicked out of HS but still graduated GED 2 years ahead of my class. 3.85 age 35 AOS electronics I tell people what I think some cherish that.Others that like to slather bullshit over everything and act like their life is Disney when they should be in AA can’t stand it.
  4. finerbiner says:
    @cdltpx When you save another 10k you will be getting turned down again. All your blather about the quality of concrete domes will never convince any bank to lend you $0.005 on a home that 10 people in the whole country would even live in after they foreclose on you. I’ve got 20 yrs in banking and it will not happen.
    Hey, I say go for it. Whatever makes you happy. It’s a free country(kind of). Just understand that you are way out there and chill with the supposed superiority BS.
  5. cdltpx says:
    @finerbiner I can buy a stupid home like a trailer or have a stick home built they will not lend for domes. They claim since there are no examples in the area that they can’t lend for them my credit is almost good enough where I can get a signature loan. When I save another $10K I am going to go to my bank and see if we can deal if not I think I will find another bank. Please get a dictionary try to learn something before you comment. IF I wanted to hear from an asshole I would fart FUAH.
  6. finerbiner says:
    @cdltpx Tornados and hurricanes in the same ecosystem? Maybe you should just build a tree house. I suspect you will feel closer to your roots back in a tree.
    I can not even imagine why any bank would not take a chance on you. They must not like your ingenuity.
  7. cdltpx says:
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  8. cdltpx says:
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  9. finerbiner says:
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  10. httm241 says:
    @thisscreensucks well this guy restored my hope to Minnesota after michelle bachmann ruined the state
  11. thisscreensucks says:
    after reading it 3 times over and imagining it in a southern drawl, i got it.
    thx bubba
  12. cdltpx says:
    @thisscreensucks We get but 500 characters to make our comments. That is it. If you don’t understand what I said my apologies if you do understand what I said FU !
  13. thisscreensucks says:
    @cdltpx go into debt for english lessons
  14. MrOne4truth says:
    Real nice, banks are getting away with all the fraud, another pay off, this is getting real sickening, wonder how much more the american people will take. Banks will keep stealing homes from the people Come on people wake up, look into what the banks are doing here, they do not even have the notes for these homes they are stealing, they have been paid, this is just another big scam
  15. cdltpx says:
    Al we are debt free we could be in a nicer home but know we are not going to get put out on the streets if we keep this 80 something broke down trailer. I tell people all the time that that when they sign a note they don’t have 30 years to pay it off they had better get the cheapest monthly note they can but pay that thing off as soon as they can even if it means no vacation no new car working every given hour they are alive. I will go in debt for one thing a Concrete dome home.
  16. Joe smith says:
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