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4R Business Recovery -Introduction and advice on company insolvency and liquidation

An introduction to 4R Business Recovery by Kevin Pritchard. 4R are the UK’s leading consultants in company insolvency, liquidation and business debt. Their strategies for business rescue and turnaround are proven and creative. So if you are under pressure from creditors or banks or suffering cash flow problems visit us or call us for a FREE consultation at


  1. 4R Business Recovery – Company Liquidation, Company Insolvency 4R Business Recovery is the UK’s leading company insolvency and company liquidation advice service. This video provides a brief...

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  1. moenawazCOM says:
    Some good advice about insolvency and survival for a business, like he says you need to seek advice from an insolvency auditor or an insolvency practitioner. To save your business find a good insolvency auditor to help you minimize your personal liabilities. This video is a good video as he points out seek advice. Moe Nawaz

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