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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Bankruptcy Lawyer In California

California, like all states in the Unites States, has its own regulations when it comes to bankruptcy proceedings.  For a correct and unimpeded filing in California, you are always best advised to retain the services of a qualified and experienced California bankruptcy lawyer.  With the vast amount of legal services available to consumers nowadays it can be confusing to know where to begin if you are looking for a good California bankruptcy lawyer.  In this article we will give you some pointers about how to find the best California bankruptcy lawyer for your situation.
First and foremost, it is essential that your California bankruptcy lawyer is local to you.  It is extremely stressful to navigate a bankruptcy under any circumstances, and you want to be able to reach your lawyer under any circumstances.  In addition, a local California bankruptcy lawyer should be experienced in all necessary state-specific regulations. Second, it is vital that your California bankruptcy lawyer is experienced in both federal and state law.

In order to ensure the smoothest possible filing, make sure your California bankruptcy lawyer has been practicing California bankruptcy law for at least a couple of years. Third, you should always find out what your California bankruptcy lawyer’s area of expertise is and research his track record.  If you are filing chapter 7, it is important that your lawyer has a proven track record of successfully handling chapter 7.

The same applies to chapter 11 and chapter 13.  If the California bankruptcy lawyer you are doesn’t have a proven track record in the chapter you need to file, you’re best advised to look elsewhere. Fourth, it is imperative that your California bankruptcy lawyer has enough personnel resources to handle your case.  You don’t want your case to be handed of to an intern or a less experienced partner due to the fact that your California bankruptcy lawyer has too heavy a workload.  Always make sure there’s more than one partner in the firm and that your California bankruptcy lawyer has enough administrative support.
Fifth, it’s imperative that your California bankruptcy lawyer is affordable.  Before approaching any lawyer, set a realistic budget for your legal fees and stick to it, no matter how difficult and urgent your situation is.  Make sure that you agree on a fee you can afford before agreeing to retain the services of any California bankruptcy lawyer.

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