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7 Major and Insolvent banks and Max Keiser’s Challenge

Originally shown on RT For an alternative to our anti-democratic system check out Jim Rogers latest project to create a system that will hold politicians feet to the fire, and to put shackles on lobbyists so that they can no longer control the system. One day we might have a system that’s controlled by the people and is for the people. This is an idea put forth for Americans but it can easily work in any other part of the world. Milton Friedman Ron Paul Peter Schiff Jim Rogers Marc Faber Tom Thomas Woods Ayn Rand BNP Society Generale HSBC Barclays City Group Bank of America Goldman Sachs JPM JP Morgan

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2 Responses to "7 Major and Insolvent banks and Max Keiser’s Challenge"

  1. Obamawarmongers says:
    Max can’t you lie about our circumstance a little bit?
  2. soulforged789 says:
    LOOOOL!!!!!!!! The ending is so good xD

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