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A Bankruptcy Lawyer Does More than Just Make Money

Some perceive lawyers to be money hungry, especially the Bankruptcy Lawyer who is practicing one of the most common legal practices. Although the money is nice, these lawyers do not encourage bankruptcy. It’s for those who absolutely need to file and not so much for those who simply don’t want to pay their bills.

If you are someone who is such dire straights and in need of a bankruptcy lawyer to help, you can find these lawyers by simply logging on the internet and looking at sites such as Get Lawyer Advice where you can find legal advice and lists of bankruptcy lawyers by state. Once you find a lawyer, you will proceed with the process, but before you delve into the bankrupt lifestyle, law requires that you must have a 90 minute consultation with a federally approved credit counselor.

The credit counselor will make sure that what you are planning to do is the right thing.  By this point your bankruptcy lawyer has determined that your debt is substantial enough to file bankruptcy, but the credit counselor will determine if there are alternative methods to filing bankruptcy. Even your lawyer will ask you what makes you think you cannot rectify your credit by making sacrifices to increase the amount of money you can apply to your bills. This is asked because bankruptcy damages your credit much longer than if you were to simply work to repair your credit through playing catch up and making payments.


If the credit counselor has determined that you are a candidate for bankruptcy, then you can move ahead with the process, but if they determine you are not, they will discuss with you the alternatives. Credit counseling was put into place since so many were abusing the system and filing because they just didn’t want to pay their bills.

So keep in mind that your Bankruptcy Lawyer is legitimately there to help you. Since the bankruptcy process is not as simple as it used to be due to reformed laws, your lawyer is more proactive in making sure your decision is the right one and in turn you can provide him or her with referrals of those who also need help.

You want to find a bankruptcy lawyer that has your best interest at heart.  Visit to find that lawyer in the extensive lawyer directory applicable to your state.


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