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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » A company wants to charge me $2000 to help me find foreclosure and short sale properties. Sound legit?

A company wants to charge me $2000 to help me find foreclosure and short sale properties. Sound legit?

They say the listing on the internet are out of date and the properties are usually sold before regular people can find them. They promise I will recoup my money by saving so much when I purchase.


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7 Responses to "A company wants to charge me $2000 to help me find foreclosure and short sale properties. Sound legit?"

  1. B says:
    Heck no!! You can join and they can show all of the foreclosures in your city. And they have theirs up sometimes before the for sale sign is up, I was going to purchase a house I found on there so that bit about them being sold already is a bunch of bull.
  2. got it says:
    You will lose 2k. Call local banks in the area you want to purchase a home – their list will be accurate and you will have started a relationship with them when and if you purchase one. good luck
  3. mar c says:
    give me 1k,and i’ll do it for you…
  4. wizjp says:
    uh…if not, I have some great ocean front property in Indiana I can make you a great deal on.


    You know better.

  5. rwa000 says:
    you can do it yourself, just contact major Banks and click on there REO links and they will email them to you.
    Stay away from Realty Trac they are a giant rip off
  6. Janet A says:
    Don’t do it! This tells of several FREE ways to find foreclosures:

  7. satarnag01 says:
    A real estate agent can find you short sales. Bank owned without public knowledge will be on bank websites.

    Finally, I like RealtyTrac. It’s great for my area (SoCal)

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