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A question for creationists: what is MRSA?

You claim that living organisms are created by a higher power and unchanging. During the 20th century, before our eyes from S. aureus appeared methicillin-resistant S. aureus. What is it?: “mysterious ways of the Lord” (as always) or proof of insolvency of one of the key tenets of your teaching – “living organisms are unchanged”.


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6 Responses to "A question for creationists: what is MRSA?"

  1. I LOVE STALIN says:
    Something that doesn’t exist. It’s a scientific conspiracy against Christianity.
  2. Dirtay Me says:
    They claim mutations aren’t the same thing.
  3. Dasein says:
    A very bad infection which doesn’t respond to conventional treatments because of miss use of antibiotics
  4. Doubting Like Thomas says:
    Mister I.L. Stalin is right. It IS a scientific conspiracy. The very letters are a dead giveaway.
    “Make Religion Seem Asinine”!!
  5. Anonnie Mouse says:
    They will argue that mrsa is an example of micro-evolution, not macro-evolution, as if there were two separate categories.
  6. Zod says:
    Creationist response: But MRSA is still a bacteria!

    *Ignores the fact that bacteria are more genetically diverse than all of multi-cellular life*

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