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About bankrupty…..?

My husband and I went bankrupt on 22 November 2010, and I looked on the insolvency service site, but I can’t seem to find it listed on the website. As of 5th January 2010, the receivers still hadnt let our 5 creditors know, as they say they have 8 weeks. Right up to last week, the creditors were still hounding us with their hideous threatening letters, so I am wondering why as they surely should’ve let them know by now. (We moved out of our mortgaged home into private rent but had the mail redirected..and the mail comes to us at our new address.)

So 2 questions… why arent we on the bankruptcy list because it has been 10 weeks now…and why do the receivers take so long to let the creditors know? because they let our employers, and the bank and our new landlord know within a week!

Any help or advice appreciated

This is the site I looked at..

So please don’t just put a link to this as I have already tried it. Thanks anyway. :)
1 day ago – 3 days left to answer.

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  1. Brendan says:
    Send all the letters from creditors to the person dealing with your case in the Insolvency Service. I am surprised that they have not notified everybody as usually they are very efficient. Keep a copy of your bankruptcy order to show to anyone who may knock on your door and redirect all questions to the IS.
    I do suppose that you listed all your creditors in your petition together with their addresses

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