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Accepted For Value Winston Shrout 2

Accepted For Value Winston Shrout … All these Winston Shrout videos relate to the same matter .. Claiming back Your right, and personal control of Your Bond, & Life. Accepted for Value … Accepted for Value 2 … You Own A Bond Accessing You Bond Waiver Benefit Privilege Waiver Benefit Privilege 2 Declaratory Judgement 1 Declaratory Judgement 2 Declaratory Judgement 3 “What I can say to you about Accepted For Value is, it is 100% applicable to the UK, and it is 100% correct for use in the UK in its current bankrupt state, I say current it was Bankrupt in 1869, evidenced by the Bankruptcy Act of 1869 now located and understood, we are in fact in the equivalent to a (Chapter 11) Bankruptcy which is Debtors in Possession. Not only do we show this piece of damming legislation as evidence of the bankruptcy but we also have the Amendment to the Gold Standards Act 1925 better known as Bill 227 or 277 if Hansards have it correct which dissolved the connection to Gold in our currency as the bill was finally passed on the 21 of September 1931, hence why we now operate Fiat Currency which is backed by the tax or labour of the citizens, furthermore to back up the Bankruptcy claim is double entry bookkeeping which is just a claim and counter claim balancing exercise. Whatever you chose to research we ARE in full bankruptcy, and so in

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25 Responses to "Accepted For Value Winston Shrout 2"

  1. sUNaRMYK says:
    Good stuff Winston, i fully understand what you’re saying here. Wonder if the UK corp would allow this, or send me court for fraud
  2. SmokestackBarrons says:

    This IS the Govs “Sceem ” dude. They created this and never told us. It is OUR $ they are accessing from
    our birth bonds. WAKE UP duhhh and yes it does work, and its 100% legal

  3. noonesflower says:
    Does anyone know if this works in Italy? do they have ‘accepted for value’ in their system?
  4. VeggiePower303 says:
    This is not clear at all.
    I am just getting irritated.

    He is not explaining the therms as they apply in this context.

  5. camdenjw says:
    @lorentsmful it’s your social security number
  6. verynicelookingguy27 says:
    I have a question: Okay I sent the IRS in Nebraska several A4V’s which included student loans. my bank loans, a credit card and a car loan.. I A4V’d all of that stuff.. Well that was about 2 weeks ago. I’m wondering how long does it normally take to know if it worked or not?
  7. UCC1308Staff says:
    @slonamu Sounds like you’re pretty stupid. Did they pay you to post that? Got any facts to back up that claim? Or should I just go to the IRS website and find it somehow! (impossible) You are a moron.
  8. slonamu says:
    See the IRS website about this and other sceems. You do this and you get in federal prison. The govertment is not that stupid…
  9. lovell123456789 says:
    @searchforknowledge1 absolutely!
  10. EASTENDGLEN says:
    how do you know what account and number?
  11. missionaryoffaith says:
    don’t you have to put money order
  12. shatara55 says:
    @yankdini99 How did that work out for you???
  13. rank406 says:
    would a person be abel to use the accepted for value without a remittence slip. with my auto loan, i can print a document with my payoff information on it . if i do the a4v process with that printed document , could that be legally accepted.
  14. VioletNRG says:
    Does a4v work if you live in canada?
  15. kalkeikuu says:
    Sent in my A4V’s months ago, and still nothing has been zero’d yet.  Don’t know if the IRS is purposely ignoring some A4V’s? It seems that they tackle the A4V’s that are student loans, property taxes, back state/federal taxes first because the people who did have success claim that the IRS cleared their student loans & back taxes. So makes me wonder if the IRS clears government debt FIRST?
  16. spinit2006 says:
    Could you charge it to the United States Inc. instead of “ABC Corp”.
  17. riehlly says:
    Does this work in Canada…Any Video or other Proof?
  18. deekaljin says:
    did that work for you?
  19. yankdini99 says:
    I was given this info about a week ago and wanted to do some fact checking on this. Apparently the instructions I was given is the same as to what you have stated in your video. As we speak I have documents (checks) already drawn up reading for mailing. GOOD STUFF HERE SIR!!!!
  20. AceOfHeart2012 says:
    Could one AFV a Summary Judgment from a foreclosure that occurred in 2007 where the (my) home has already been sold at a Sheriff’s auction? Would not Accepting For Value the summary judgment negate, void, and in all ways otherwise reverse all of that and if not, why not? Anyone with pertinent knowledge feel free to message me. I want my castle back that I paid for 3 times over. Thanks…
  21. 911truthseekers says:
    do you need to find out what the acct number is?
  22. guerillaresponse says:
    Thank you for posting this. I’m understanding modern commerce and remedies much more now. This can’t be explained straight up, it must be realized when you are aware of it.
  23. searchforknowledge1 says:
    @cjellwood  your proof is found when they stop asking you for the money.
  24. rolandjrg says:
    if you want proof try it. keep making normal payments but try exeption on top of payment after. I’ll let you know i’m doing it next week what’s to lose
    my credit maybe that questions not even asked
  25. smthngdffrnt says:
    I think it’s your SS#

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