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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Uncategorized » Adverse Possession Texas Foreclosure Home for $16 | 2205 Waterford Drive Flower Mound Tx 75028

Adverse Possession Texas Foreclosure Home for $16 | 2205 Waterford Drive Flower Mound Tx 75028

www.stopforeclosurebanks Adverse possession tx law 2205 Waterford Drive Flower Mound Tx 75028 Texas foreclosure home for $16. Stranger moves into foreclosed home in Flower Mound tx for $16. Files adverse possession and claims property.


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25 Responses to "Adverse Possession Texas Foreclosure Home for $16 | 2205 Waterford Drive Flower Mound Tx 75028"

  1. midnull says:

    I believe the forms are different from state to state.

  2. realskinnynews says:
    Neighbors are haters. They could easily do the same thing, but instead, they want to give their houses back to the bankers who never owned it in hte first place. Haha People are so funny. Conform! Conform! We did, so should you!!!! You cannot handle your own affairs! How dare you! lol Neighbors have no leg to stand on.
  3. Edd360 says:
    fuck that bitch, if he can get a free house let him. she jelly
  4. onlytoloveyou1 says:
    i have this form if anyone needs it, it was a long drive to denton from houston, but i got the exact copy, let me know if anyone needs it, Message me
  5. togair9 says:
    @willyd5115 – absolutely… dam jerks.. cant stand them.
  6. waynebollman says:
    Fucking racist bitch. He didn’t break into the house, idiots. He filed the paper work first which then gave him the right to have a locksmith make a key for him then he entered lawfully and took possession.
  7. waynebollman says:
    “why are his neighbours against it? i dont get it?” – Because he is a negro and his neighbors are racist idiots still stuck in the Reconstruction era.
  8. pttugasuk says:
    You Can Stop Foreclosure Today CALL US TODAY 877-291-4645
    Loan Modifications Fast matches people behind on their mortgage with service providers who can help them keep their home by modifying their existing loan. There are many foreclosure prevention offers out there, however we are the leader in the space and we offer the highest payout for the shortest form.
  9. onlytoloveyou1 says:
    I have This mans Avidavit of adverse possession form he filed if you anyone needs it message me
  10. USHudHomeStore says:
    why hate a guy who knew the law?? you can’t….
  11. giggitygiggity890 says:
    @persleezy yea they’re mad because he’s black! corny hoes
  12. AceOfHeart2012 says:
    @Cosairman If I’m grasping your question correctly I would answer by saying it’s because money isn’t needed for the production of goods and services, only the willingness of the people to volunteer their energy. If you could walk into WalMart and merely sign for the items you need, wouldn’t you gladly volunteer where needed to help produce those goods and services for other? Money and corporations create nothing. People do. The roads would still get paved, the shoes made, and the burgers served.
  13. Cosairman says:
    True and 1 final question why bother making anything?
    For example, if wealth is created by money in the sense that some one is owed and paid money from money out of nothing then why would for example, the Germans bother to make anything for export?They know that their products are paid for by money just made up out debt by the US or from another country they export to…what do they gain in the real sense then?
    Like to know,
    Cheers and Thanks.
  14. AceOfHeart2012 says:
    @Cosairman The money the banks lend back and forth are only entries on a computer screen. The money doesn’t really exist. May I recommend Money As Debt watch?v=rCu3fpg83TY. All money in this system is borrowed into existence. There is no money. Just debt. That’s the big myth.
  15. Cosairman says:
    @AceOfHeart2012 Hi there,I now understand what U say here and thanks.
    If anything goes wrong with the note the real house is always the asset back security.
    If this is the case that the money is just “made up”, then where does the banks”lending to each other” come into it then?
    If banks can make money or from the asset security note debt, then why borrow from other banks(from other countries)??
    Like to know,
  16. DamageIncM says:
    As far as I care, he does not own anything but what he brought, if anything.
    Because he did not buy the property the house stands on nor did he buy the materials that this house was made from. Let alone the work of the people that built it.
    AND he’s not paying any rent either, so he can not just live there.
    Maybe he can by law, but it’s not RIGHT that he lives there for 16 Dollars or would eventually officially own it for so little.

    You still have to earn it somehow.

  17. rilus says:
    Haters gonna hate!

    Stay strong Kenneth and don’t let your WASP neighbors get you out!

  18. hpracing007 says:
    Like a boss
  19. hardasstreets says:
    i’m pretty sure that white people in texas wanting a black person to move out is not out of the ordinary.
  20. jagoda520 says:
    What happend with all the comments ????? There were a lot of them about the law and it just dissapered !!!!
  21. SocialMediaSeoAustin says:
    wow..this video is hot..and definitely a controversial subject…adverse possession..
  22. sha370z says:
    the housing market is just a lot of playing around
  23. pidouble145 says:
    wow his neighbors were doing some serious hating
  24. beerndumplings says:
    winwiwiwniwiwnwiwniwiwiwniwiwnwinwinwiwinwinwinwin, fuck you, texas hookers. get your money, robinson.
  25. iMairin2014 says:
    Neighbor is just jealous because he has a nicer house for cheaper.. Smart guy!

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