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Advise about payday loans problem?

I had taken out a payday loan a few months ago when i had just changed jobs and money was tight, now i was planning on paying my loan off (£138) with this months wages, but got told today that the company has gone into liquidation and that im not going to be paid for my last month of working.

Now im left with no job, a loan to be paid off and no money.
Any advise on how to deal with this would be fantastic.


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3 Responses to "Advise about payday loans problem?"

  1. MechEng says:
    This is a small enough sum that you could:
    a) borrow or beg from a family member – but don’t strain relations
    b) Sell something you own – it may better to be without your XBOX, Mountain bike, or leather chair than have a black eye on your credit and the collections after you
    c) Sell some homemade goods (salsa, clothing, artwork).
  2. esmerelda v says:
    The citizens advice bureau will advise on debts like this. They do the paperwork for you and you end up paying it off at 50p a week.
  3. Reinaldo N says:
    I have never been to those pay day loan offices..I hear their interest can be pretty high. Some people work with an understanding company, so small loans through work might be possible. However a lot of people are too embarressed to ask anyone they know for help, so online companies do help.

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