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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Law » After a free consult w/ a bankruptcy attorney he quoted fee of $3k of which 50% had to be paid to file by 2/28?

After a free consult w/ a bankruptcy attorney he quoted fee of $3k of which 50% had to be paid to file by 2/28?

I paid $1040 2-4-11 of $1750 needed before 2-28. Then on 2-23-11 decided not to file bankruptcy & requested a refund. I received an itemization 3.5 hrs & refund of $165. I was billed at $250/ hr including charges for the free consult. I disputed the refund indicating I didn’t sign a contract agreeing to the hourly rate.i offered 1.5 hrs based on his itemization for hours after the free consultation. I did not provide the documents he requested from me to file the case only the down payment. The attorney admitted as stated on the consult estimate that a separate contract should have been provided to sign upon retaining his services & refunded $500. A contract beyond the initial consult was never provided or signed. Am I entitled to the full amount or at least the amount paid minus 1.5 hrs ? I reposted to clarify the details I am not trying to get away with free legal services but I did not provide the required documents to have any real work done yet I still offered to pay for the 1.5 hrs of service he said he provided.


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2 Responses to "After a free consult w/ a bankruptcy attorney he quoted fee of $3k of which 50% had to be paid to file by 2/28?"

  1. Tish says:
    Your local bar association will have a fee dispute committee of some kind. Contact them and file a claim, and let them decide. It will be very time costly to the attorney who may want to just give you the full refund. Let him know and he may do it before the committe even gets involved, to avoid the hassle.
  2. IDONTKNOW says:
    What do you consider real work? Everything a lawyer does is considered real work. An attorney’s job goes beyond filing bankruptcy pleadings. In your situation, the attorney is not entitled to charge for a free consultation. However, the attorney is entitled to charge for any administrative functions performed in reference to your case. Even if the attorney did not give you a written contract detailing his hourly rate, he is still entitled to recover for services performed. At this point, you are out of pocket $375. That seems more than reasonable.

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