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Alex Jones Sunday Edition: USA Going into Receivership!! 1/3

Alex covers the latest financial news and discusses how america is headed for receivership like Greee!

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25 Responses to "Alex Jones Sunday Edition: USA Going into Receivership!! 1/3"

  1. sk8sk8ss says:
    @Honey360Bee yeah but huge events like a nwo takes many many years. that’s the way people come to accept it. If it was a sudden change then no one would want a nwo.
  2. X3lfl3X says:
    @Honey360Bee You knoe that 1. he provides outstanding evidence 2. its not just alex its the media and other people who give him information 3. Unlike you he is trying to protect the America’s
  3. violafinishda says:
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  4. tracy55318 says:
    I love you Alex for caring and sharing:-}
  5. tracy55318 says:
    I love you Alex for caring and sharing:-}
  6. Honey360Bee says:
    If Alex was talking about all of this stuff back in 1999. When the world was suppost to end then. And he was very wrong back then about nwo and everything. What makes you people think that he is gonna be right now? About 12 years down the line since 1999. Alex Jones should have his head checked out. Because he was wrong then and he will be wrong now. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Mostly when it comes from a nut like Alex Jones. No disrespect or anything.
  7. evanwm7 says:
    @rev66blessu yea i know, that’s why i said it. The fact still remains that posse comitatus is void. And if you think Katrina was bad, just wait… that was just a warm up. There will most likely be an event that makes Auschwitz look like a fuckin cake walk.
  8. evanwm7 says:
    @Donnybrook10 (part 3) but i know you’ll say any non-sense you can think of to try and prove your point.. i’m not buyin it. save your blind statistics and non-sensical legal jargon for someone that hasn’t experienced the world yet.. Me on the other hand, i’ve been around the block a few times, you’re not fooling me. take care cop.. amerikkkas fuckin’ finest right here.. /sarcasm
  9. evanwm7 says:
    @Donnybrook10 (part 2) and 6.6% of people get arrested in thier lifetime, but that equates to 1 in 15 people! that number is staggering! that’s not incl. ppl who were harrassed for no reason, searched without reasonable susp. let alone prob. cause.Back to the 2 pac issue, yea i can overlook him having an illegal firearm, if you had as many enemies as him you would too, and you know it. He would have been dead if he didn’t have that gun now wouldn’t he? Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6
  10. evanwm7 says:
    @Donnybrook10 fuck where do i start with that last statement? i’m dealing with a brainwashed fool.. you said “Only bad guys and people with personality disorders make cops out to be bad guys” my god… save that shit for a 12 year old, no one here is buying that load of crap. Type in “police brutality” or “police corruption” or “militarization of police”, maybe that’s why cops get a bad rep?
  11. morganmyers says:
    “they really do like to put it in your face. don’t they alex?” are u illuminati? c’mon now really
  12. rev66blessu says:
    @rev66blessu …and the local police did this with NO protest!
  13. rev66blessu says:
    @evanwm7 Posse Comitatis was nullified by “W” in 2006. The MIAC acts already had it nullified anyway. “W” just made it iron clad that the military HAS been and WILL BE used against the American people for whatever reason the president desires. A hurricane was their excuse in 05. Guns were confiscated from homes and people were handcuffed and put on the street while their homes were searched!
  14. rev66blessu says:
    @Donnybrook10 Hopefully then yo all will be heroes to the rest of us. You might be killed for standing up for freedom but you will be our heroes!
  15. rev66blessu says:
    @gr8american Protesting against those pedophiles at Bohemian Grove is probably the best thing you can do. They are the new Sodom and Gomarah because that is why God was so angry at them, they were raping children!
  16. rev66blessu says:
    @KevinMerck Actually to me and others who love the Constitution it already seems like the twilight zone but I just know only One can take care of this mess!
  17. rev66blessu says:
    @KevinMerck I agree!
  18. insubordinatesoul says:
    you are a bunch of dumbed down idiots just because you play a mp3 of fat aj makes you not right ??? lol to late retards
  19. stopbeingcowards says:
    They want to dumb us down into a bunch of dumbed down idiots??? we’re already there… we already have a police state!!!! we already are in a facist state we are already here….. now they’re just taking the rest of our money.. but the rest has already happened hahaha
  20. Donnybrook10 says:
    @evanwm7 The glaring problem with your reasoning is that the honorable Mr. Shakur was carrying a gun illegally in the first place. You can overlook that though right? I guess as long as he was shooting off-duty cops that cool. Only bad guys and people with personality disorders make cops out to be bad guys. Usually because they have had bad experiences when they got arrested. 90% of society go their entire lives without ever having a problem with cops. What r the 10% doing to get arrested?
  21. Daishilegendary says:
    @vman996 Its a lazy mans revolution. We’ve got the balls, just not the reason. The Wrath of God will be our reason.
  22. ppana says:
    God bless you Alex Jones. I can hear you all the way from Australia
  23. Dukesgirl1974 says:
  24. Dukesgirl1974 says:
    i’m sorry is what true?
  25. infadel13 says:
    @Donnybrook10 well thank GOD for cops like u!!!!! TRUE oath keepers!!!! guess the goon squad wont be local but fed or UN troops. i worry too bout the fed teaching boy scouts to practice arresing homegrown terrorists who dare to speak against govt!!!! glad to hear there is still a majority of constitutional law enforcement out there!!!!

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