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Alex Jones Sunday Edition: USA Going into Receivership!! 2/3

Alex covers the latest financial news and discusses how america is headed for receivership like Greee!


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25 Responses to "Alex Jones Sunday Edition: USA Going into Receivership!! 2/3"

  1. checksummedchest says:
    Free Energy is real and its here! The Oil companies are doing everything they can to stop this

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  2. patsyd80 says:
    good to see amex jones is making millions off the back of all you suspicious conspicy nuts out thier.
  3. Shebadad says:
    @RicosDomeTown …….Yeah man not just one. Buy alot and preferrably automatic with a ton of ammo….that will make it a fair fight when the thugs come lookin for us!!!!
  4. chotaboy66 says:
    Alex again my research tells me ALL vaccines have Mercury traces mate , they use it in all vaccine production , the vaccines that they claim that doesn’t have Mercury actually dose have it, in very small trace amounts,as its technically impossible to remove all Mercury from the manufacturing process.
  5. MJJacksonQueen777 says:
    @Highrise408 I am not biblical. I just think they are so stupip!! I am sorry maybe I should have went on with what I was thinking. But, English is not my first language. So I can’t elaborate too much. I agree with you!!
  6. powertothesheeeple says:
    Bill Cooper warned that the Illuminati will crash the country and the Fed will claim any/all assets – meaning that whatever YOU own will be THEIRS! Inventory will be taken of everyone in the country and you will pay a tax, sort of like a lease, on everything that you own, because it will all belong to the bank. Nice huh?
  7. RicosDomeTown says:
    @jsmythib I’m up for suggestions…I don’t want to shoot anyone. That would be Total Suck. I guess we die trying, or just outlive the sheep in the hills, shooting and eating bears. I mean…WTF? Do we get an option where everyone suddenly gets a brain and everything gets fixed?

    Alex said it all…it’s surreal. It’s a Twilight Zone Universe where Humongus rules.

    “Just walk away…” LOL c’mon Alex…give it up…

  8. jsmythib says:
    @RicosDomeTown They can stop us 1 at a time tho- need a better plan!
  9. Kikkins says:
    @RicosDomeTown In allot of states you have the right to Open carry a firearm. (weapon must be in sight) not consealed. Imagine if everyone Open carried a weapon…Crime would allmost disapear. The only criminals would be in government
  10. MJJacksonQueen777 says:
    Obama thinks he is God with his friends NWO. People have to see The Book of Eli.
  11. DanaHamelit says:
  12. oterra64 says:
    Yes keep protesting dont stop dont give in
  13. RicosDomeTown says:
    @WoodlandRavah Exactly! Parasites!
  14. RicosDomeTown says:
    Buy a gun, carry it around. Can’t stop us all.
  15. ddgrajek says:
    Can someone please explain to me why I could be having such a hard time watching these videos. I can watch everything else on the computer but when watching Alex the video takes for ever to load. Anybody know why????
  16. grumpone says:
    @marieatthelake When the gov want you to do something you don’t want you refuse and you tell everyone you know to refuse to and WHY to do it.
  17. WoodlandRavah says:
    “Or does TallTommy46 say LMAO because he knows that Harvard essentially copied Oxford and Cambridge over in England?”
    He’s ROFLMAO because you insinuated that the “…Ivy League represents the best of American culture.”, not because the Harvard system is a rip off of the Brit’s. Ivy League = Over Specialized Lawyers and Politicians that know nothing about application. There all theory.
  18. WoodlandRavah says:
    Hey Brit, STFU! Deal with the destruction of your monarchy 1st, then I’ll give your opinion credit.
  19. WoodlandRavah says:
    Yet the Ivy league contains all the people we continuously villify on here, sounds to me like they are the best of the elites and not the best of “american culture”. American Culture is many things but it’s NOT a bunch of douches talking down to the rest of the 99% of us who did’nt have rich familys or sociopathic tendencies. I f-ing hate people who think there better than someone else. Those of us who are darwinists see these pricks as parasites, because they need us
  20. GUN1GRAVE says:
    2:22 Holy mackerel Batman!
  21. Smarterthanyouarable says:
    @ohannahdad I ran across him in the late 90′s when he had a cable access show. Remember the year 2000 computer fail scare? When that did not happen a lot of people use that failed prediction to discredit him. I agree with you. He is a good source for raw info and he is right enough times that it is a mistake to blow him off.
  22. Charmer4856 says:
    “They dont wanna grab u and take u to a FEMA camp…..YET”
  23. marieatthelake says:
    @marieatthelake America does not even have it’s own foreign policy. We have Israel’s foreign policy.
  24. ohannahdad says:
    Any time I have heard anyone speak badly about AJ, it has been personal. I am yet to hear anyone challenge his facts in quantity. Just about all of AJ facts either can be or have been verified. Noone can stop one from being in denial. That’s a personal choice. Consider this:If alex was 80% wrong, the remaining 20% would be enough to destroy existance as we know it.
  25. marieatthelake says:
    @jaymthegenius OUR foreign policy IS Israel’s foreign policy. We go to war (we’re in 3 wars today all for Israel), bully other nations and get into all kinds of immoral situations FOR Israel. THAT is Israel’s foreign policy as much as it is our’s.

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