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All You Wanted To Know About Personal Insolvency Agreement

Occasionally, without us realising it, the money we borrow can reach overwhelming proportions. At this time, when we do not know where to appear for help, it is wise to consult a debt mediating agency as they’ll have several choices which you could use to enhance your financial situation.

What is A Individual Insolvency Agreement?

A individual insolvency agreement is an choice you are able to use in order to solve you debt scenario. These are agreements exactly where creditors are ready to compromise and accept a very best offer. These conditions of this agreement are arrived at after the discussion and approval of all of the terms and conditions by each the debtor and creditor. An agreement that formalizes this deal is referred to as the individual insolvency agreement. These are regulated via ITSA, the Commonwealth agency.

Benefits and Eligibility

The benefit of drawing up a personal insolvency agreement is the security it affords to both you and to a particular extent, even towards the creditors. You cannot be contacted by your creditors and they can’t enforce remedies imposed by courts like declaring bankruptcy or garnishees. The interest charges are frozen and a bankruptcy is prevented. This also protects your credit history for the future.


You are eligible for a Personal Insolvency Agreement in the event you fall outside the Debt Agreement criteria. These include if you receive a weekly income of more than $1302.77 following tax deductions., owe unsecure debts of over $90,326.60 or own assets which are much more than $90,326.60 in value. If any of the conditions mentioned here apply to you then you turn out to be eligible to opt for a Individual Insolvency Agreement.

Process in drawing up a Personal Insolvency Agreement

Typically, the following are the steps before you are able to enter into the agreement

•    Your financial position will be gauged in order to determine how much of the loan amounts you are able to afford to pay back.

•    Legal documents like a “188 Authority, Statement of Affairs and the personal insolvency agreement will probably be drawn up.

•    A formal meeting of all creditors will probably be scheduled and held

•    The creditors will vote to decide on the agreement

•    Your trustee will obtain normal repayments to distribute the cash amongst your creditors.

•    The Individual Insolvency Agreement is approved and finalized

For all those that feel that they are not able to deal with their debt situation anymore, professional financial advice will be the only way out. A Personal Insolvency Agreement is among the very best choices that they will provide you.

A Personal insolvency agreement is a way to find financial assistance and debt relief. Debt Mediators Australia is specialists in providing debt agreements solutions to those in financial difficulty throughout Australia.


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