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An All-New Home Foreclosure Help For Troubled Mortgage Borrowers


The US Government has rolled out another home foreclosure help program for troubled home loan borrowers. This new initiative is set to provide assistance to homeowners whose loans are greater than the current valuation of their homes.


Curtailing Foreclosures


The US Government is determined to help lessen the high rate of foreclosure after the onset of the recent financial crisis that hit the country in the last couple of years. In September, 2010, the US Federal Housing Administration is set to require mortgage lenders to provide refinancing loans to borrowers with the backing of no less than the national government. This will have lenders reduce original home loan amounts by at least 10%.


This new home foreclosure help program was announced in March of the same year. It took several months before it is finally rolled out. This effort is clearly one of the initiatives set by the Obama administration in addressing the current housing industry trouble. It is one of the main programs that aim to help the nation emerge from an economic crunch that had many people jobless and bankrupt.



Home Foreclosure Help For Select Borrowers


The program will have lenders (and their main investors) choose the home loan borrowers who will be invited to participate. There will be qualification requirements. For one, the home foreclosure help will be offered to home owners whose mortgages are at least 15% higher than the current valuation of their homes. According to research data, there are up to 11 million mortgaged homes in the country falling under this category.


Analysts expect mortgage lenders to prioritize borrowers whose loans exceed current home valuation by up to 40%. All in all, the home foreclosure help program is set to provide assistance to about 200,000 to 300,000 US homeowners. This volume will still account for a small portion of the overall number of homeowners with underwater home loans.


The US government intends to initially provide home foreclosure help to about 500,000 to 1.5 million mortgaged homes nationwide. The figure is expected within the initial year the program is rolled out. It is anticipated that a similar program will be rolled out after the budget set for this one is fully utilized and if the housing downturn continues.


Funding Of The Program


The US Government has allocated about $14 billion from its total mortgage assistance program worth $75 billion to fund this new initiative. The program intends to shoulder incentive payments to be provided to mortgage lenders and cover losses from their borrowers.


For a homeowner to qualify for the assistance program, he/she needs to be constantly updated on mortgage payments. Homeowners who have already acquired loan modifications are still eligible for the program. As mentioned, the current outstanding home loan must be higher than the current valuation of the collateralized property. Borrowers are also required to submit documents that will be required by the lenders.



The US Government has a new Home Foreclosure Help program specifically for homeowners whose loans exceed the actual valuation of their homes. For more information about the help you can get regarding foreclosure, check out the link Loan Modification Foreclosure today.


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