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Anarchast Ep. 9 – With Doug Casey of Casey Research

In this episode we speak with Doug Casey of Topics include: – The traditions of anarchism and economics – How Doug started out with anarchism – Treasurehunting – Why most libertarians are poor as church mice – If the empending bankruptcy of the US government is a good thing – Doug and the internet – Doug on Ron Paul – The growth of anarchism LINKS & REFERENCES “Consience of a conservative” by Berry Goldwater, go here “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand, go here “The Market For Liberty” by Morris Tannehill, go here Watch our interview with seth king here:


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24 Responses to "Anarchast Ep. 9 – With Doug Casey of Casey Research"

  1. Esoparagon says:
    Yeah. I can think there’s some sort of genetics. IQ for one.
  2. lextalionis2001 says:
    finally, I don’t want to flood your channel with too much stuff…

    I agree with the premise of limited government, individual rights and personal freedoms much like what Ron Paul and Gary Johnson espouse.

    I guess I am too much of a contrarian to accept much of this Rand worship drivel, since she is obviously a product of her environment.

    keep stacking the PMs, especially now that its on sale !

    for reading I recommend “This time is different” which details the history of debt

  3. lextalionis2001 says:
    or this quote “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” answer again is Keynes
  4. lextalionis2001 says:
    I think you need to be very careful when painting with too broad a brush. Only a fool discounts the perspective of those who disagree with him. For example who said “The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward.” ? the answer is Keynes.
  5. 1voluntaryist says:
    What a coincidence. My most influential book was “The Virtue…” also. At 23 I became a Randian cultist (gulp, that’s hard to admit). I realized it when I read “Confessions of a Randian Cultist” and I moved on. Doug’s book “International Man” was a great liberator. I already had a Swiss account but I found a “soul brother”. Now I need an expat residence. Suggestions?
  6. 1717jbs says:
    These are great!!!
  7. JRCrowley says:
  8. swag909 says:
  9. milestracy says:
    Absolutely beautiful, thanks
  10. SuricataSol says:
    26:05 What you don´t know? Of course you do: Stefan Molyneux.
  11. truevoice08 says:
    @BlueSkies360 Yes, but people in Argentina have very little trust in the government. The Argentinian government, along with other Latin American governments have experienced massive debt defaults so nobody buys their bonds. Compare this with the relationship between the US government to US citizens. US citizens are beholden to Leviathan and act like sheep. I highly recommend freedom-loving Americans to consider leaving the US for countries in Asia or Latin America. I didn’t regret doing it
  12. BadgeringTheWitness1 says:
    Please do another one. I could listen to Doug Casey talk for hours on end, he’s just too damn interesting.
  13. BadgeringTheWitness1 says:
    I. Love. Doug.  Casey.
  14. JamesAAnderson1988 says:
    @MillionthUsername The truth is out there, you just choose to believe in childish fairy tales. Fine by me, but being ignorant is not something to be proud of. I’m guessing you’re Christian, in which case you should read the Bible; then you’ll become atheist. You can’t have a complex organism(God)that didn’t evolve from a lesser one via natural selection. In any case, until you study the world and learn how to apply reason to all areas of your life, this discussion is pointless. Have a good life.
  15. YJohannM says:
    @JamesAAnderson1988 “plus there’s that whole God/Zeus/Santa not existing bit.”

    That was difficult for me to accept as well… :) Once you get over it though, how wonderful everything becomes.

  16. MillionthUsername says:
    @JamesAAnderson1988 There’s nothing more irrational and illogical than atheism. It is nihilistic inhuman gibberish. It rejects the knowledge of God that we can infer from nature because with a wave of the hand it denies all rational causation.

    God is a “dictator”? That is patently absurd copy & paste rhetoric. I’ll never understand why anyone would trade knowledge and experience of God for eternal estrangement. What is the appeal? To be a toy god inside your own self-worshiping ego?

  17. JamesAAnderson1988 says:
    @MillionthUsername Using logic and reason while reading the bible and viewing the world led me to be an atheist. The Internet just helped me down that path sooner. The biblical God is a tyrannical dictator worse than any we’ve had in the world, and as an anarchist, I’m against tyranny; plus there’s that whole God/Zeus/Santa not existing bit. Richard Dawkins’s books are a great place to start =)
  18. MillionthUsername says:
    @JamesAAnderson1988 Sorry to hear that you allowed the internet to turn you into an atheist.
  19. jberwick9 says:
    @BlueSkies360 Yes, but so is the US. Unfortunately, there is no truly free state that is very livable on earth. All we can do is try to ignore and avoid the state as much as possible. In northern Argentina you rarely hear from nor see the state
  20. BlueSkies360 says:
    If he is Argentina.. isn’t Argentina under socialism?
  21. macandmurray says:
    Wow… philosophical men have some answers to our economic problems today. I have used Casey Research to support my mininginvestment statements.
  22. YJohannM says:
    I agree, Doug. “Libertarianism” is genetic.  Human brain evolution is still in progress. It’s been a very, very long process; and hopefully it can be sped up a little more fairly soon when everything goes belly up.
  23. billlodderhose1 says:
    Wow two of my New Heroes in one interview. Loved Doug’s quote: Our Country has become a bunch of “whipped Dogs”. I stopped watching T.V. back when “Cheers” ended, while I’m saying T.V. is the only or best form of BrainWashing, I do feel Bill Hicks was right when he commented on “American Gladiators” ~ Go Back to Sleep America – You Are FREE to Do as We TELL You…You Are FREE to Do as We TELL You…R.I.P. Bill Hicks and George Carlin who used parts of their career to do what you two are doing!
  24. mcauley444 says:
    ‘We can blow dope, snort coke, and practice our stroke.’ best quote ive heard in a while.

    Great channel Jeff. Congrats.

    Hopefully nugent-hopkins stays with the big club lol

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