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Ann Barnhardt & Warren Pollock Have an Open Conversation

Ann Barnhardt and I (Warren Pollock) have an open conversation organized to provide background to this crisis, the setting of legal precedent, netting, settlement, and future trends including a potential bank holiday. We talk about MF Global as it applies to savings and commercial banking, brokerage, insurance, and commodities. We talk about numeric impossibility of solving the problem, incest between government and finance, having the victim of the crisis pay rather than the fraudster. We explain how the MF Global bankruptcy process will define how customer funds will be treated in a bank holiday. We talk about the idea of having an honest bank holiday to root out fraud vs an economic crisis which plays to looting and criminal activity of vested interest.


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25 Responses to "Ann Barnhardt & Warren Pollock Have an Open Conversation"

  1. fee1776 says:
    @wepollock Ann is going to face ADS (Ann Derangement Syndrome) sponsored by the establishment. Gov Palin faced the same thing. Their crime is not their politics, but their courage to take on Wall Street or CEO power. Gov Palin took on the Alaskan oil corps, since she is conservative Wall Street uses leftist agents. Ann is taking on Wall Street/COMEX, well since she is conservative guess what leftist agents will be used on her. Read how big business dealt with critics in the 1950′s.
  2. fee1776 says:
    @JimmyMac6778 Ditto. There are people controlled by evil governments (N Korea) or there are evil people who vote in evil governments (Arab spring, electing Islamic governments). Americans always dealt with evil governments, but never fought and dealt with evil people. Islam may be the first such situation.
  3. TreachMarkets says:
    @Conkuur Haha, you’re a homophobe who hates homophobes. That’s funny.
  4. TreachMarkets says:
    @natritious1 No it has nothing to do with a ‘PC paradigm’, it has to do with unnecessary hate.
  5. TreachMarkets says:
    @JimmyMac6778 All of these things are crazy, and none of them have actually happened or will happen.
  6. ACIMpsychology says:
    Ann needs to try and come out of her shell. :o ) Love and blessings to Warren and Ann.
  7. lonewolffullmoon says:
  8. JimmyMac6778 says:
    @TreachMarkets – Crazy? No, sawing someone’s head off with a dull knife because they don’t believe in the Koran is crazy. Wake up. Building a mosque at ground zero is also crazy. Parking a woodchipper in front of that mosque and jamming a dead pig through it so it sprays all over the front is sane.
  9. MrEdwinauer says:
    How many catholic priest have violated little children??? Christen, moslims, they are both complete morons.
  10. MrEdwinauer says:
    Is a pritty disturbed person when speaking about other religions. Christen or not, dont judge or you are going to be judged also.
  11. MrEdwinauer says:
    Ann bernhardt
  12. MrEdwinauer says:
    So true, 1 person didnt understand the market and all customers are gone. I wish that it was a single event. Just waiting to happen again, and again, and again. Till we all are defaulting.
  13. ccwman121 says:
    an observation or question for Mr Pollock & Miss Barnhardt: If one accepts the currency of the USA, as valid, then doesn’t he necessarily accept the legitimacy of the government, which is symbolized by the dollar. If we continue to accept the US dollar for debts & wages owed to us, aren’t we legitimizing that corrupt oligarchy, symbolized by Corizine? What about the principle of Jesus; “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” The income tax strike is counter to this Christian principle.
  14. CamillioD says:
    truth-seeking citizens be aware of Disinformation Agents working on sabotaging constructive and serious correspondence
    YouTube; ‘Disinformation Agents’
  15. CamillioD says:
    Oiled the guillotine, there is work to do.
  16. barnz008 says:
    It’s not a “bomb,” it’s cancer. A cancer patient needs more and more tricks to solve the symptoms for the time being, because in the long run: it’s over, there is no cure. Cancer never caused anything to explode.
  17. pjamesbda says:
    Warren this is an excellent video. Scares hell out of a lot of people I’m sure. No one ever had their mortgage F’d with. That is, they never had to take terms forced on them. People still think if they finance at 3.75% then like the “old days” that amount will be locked in infinitum. Not so any longer…we are on very thin ice and you are doing a great service getting the word out.
  18. Whorulesnow says:
    More please.
  19. natritious1 says:
    @TreachMarkets I see muslims and their goal of worldwide sharia law as worse than the WBBC, at least they don’t want to impose their will on every living humanbeing
  20. natritious1 says:
    @zoticus1 so just because she holds views that contradict the bogus PC paradigm that everyone mindlessly follows, she is all of a sudden ‘mean spirited’ I think shes a good person she didn’t threaten anyone with violence, she just feels threatened herself and isn’t afraid to show how she feels. I’m not religious, but she is admirable
  21. nyruby says:
    @wepollock I agree with her points on many things, but to act as if it’s not important that she isnt burning Korans on her youtube page is just delusional. I’ll take what she says with a grain of salt. You cant ignore someones character, but at the same time people have many sides to them. I dont agree with her tactics and that makes me weary of her intentions, but I will listen because I can take the info and move on people need to stop looking for heroes…
  22. vivaloriflamme says:
    @TreachMarkets WBC,a tiny cult, was created by and is run by an abusive sociopath. He found a clever way to control his family. And he turns them into lawyers to make a living by lawsuits. They go to military funerals in hopes someone will lose his temper and get physical. One of his sons escaped and wrote a book exposing the fraud- it’s free online. He can’t print it- – - because he’ll get sued.
  23. optionsupdate says:
    @zoticus1 Vice President?
  24. zoticus1 says:
    I know what she says may be correct in terms of finance and law, however her assessment and your effort are completely discounted for many if they see in the side bar her sensationalism, of book burning and outright intent on insulting people in a very bigoted and hateful way Warren.
    I personally will not listen to this mean spirited person, just like David Duke who has some truth to his words, the agenda has to be question.
    thank you.
  25. zoticus1 says:
    I do not think so!

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