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Anti-Auction and Foreclosure Rally

The interest of our investment paid our mortage was cut off March 4th of 2009. In short, we are victims of a ‘Ponzi Scheme’. The mortgage company( One West/Indy Mac Bank) was notified about our situation.but they could care less.They simply want to Foreclose ans Steal our home ! And this is after paying them over $28000 to be current ! I’ve had to sell one of my cars, my IRA is gone, can’t afford Dental work etc.Thank you Fannie Mae for not working with us ! Their a Bunch of Crooks ! Our Government sends Billions of dollars overseas to Non US Citizens and they aren’t doing anything to help their own !All were getting is LIP SERVICE ! If you or anyone else you know is in the same or similar situation please contact us. We are circulating a Petition which will be sent to Pres. Obama. The nightmare begun when we applied for MODIFICATION and we were denied 3 times. For about 22 Months we paid the bank and sold one of our cars, used our business and personal accounts until they were almost down to zero., pulling our 2 girls from gymnastics, discontinued our dental insurance, cancelled our dish network etc,etc. We tried our very best to work with the bank providing what they needed but simply didn’t want to modify our mortgage. Can you believe the pressure eveyrtime the auction date comes? Even my 6 year old daughter wakes up early in the morning of the auction day crying and asking her mother, ‘mom did they sell our house already?’. It’s not over yet, here we are, we can be


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