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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Legal Help » Any legit legal credit erase/repair agencies to erase bad credit on credit reports?

Any legit legal credit erase/repair agencies to erase bad credit on credit reports?

i need a car loan and need a legitimate legal company to erase my bad credit on report to raise my score. Help appreciated, thank you and God bless


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6 Responses to "Any legit legal credit erase/repair agencies to erase bad credit on credit reports?"

  1. falsifiable says:
    Credit repair is a scam. You cannot remove accurate information from your credit file. You can challenge incorrect information.

    Here’s what credit repair companies promise: their computers will send automated challenges for every negative item on your file and if the credit bureaus do not respond within the appropriate time frame, those negative items have to come off by law.

    Here’s why it fails: the credit bureaus have even better computers to respond to trivial automated complaints.

    In the end, you wind up paying hundreds of dollars and get nothing in return.

    If you have inaccurate items on your credit file, you can challenge those yourself for FREE.

  2. StephenWeinstein says:
    No, there are not. There are no companies, legit or otherwise, that will erase bad credit on credit reports. Any company that offers to erase bad credit is not a legitimate company and will not erase any bad credit, but it will charge you for erasing it (even though it will not erase it).
  3. Stardog Champion says:
    What you are seeking just does not exist.
    Any bad marks on your report that are there due to you failing to pay your bills will remain, no matter how much you pay some credit repair company.
  4. afw says:
    Things to look for in a legit Company

    The fee charged by a credit repair service will give you an idea about its legitimacy. A genuine company will charge you small fees for its services. Whereas a fraud company will try to take large amount of money from you as upfront payment.

    Do not fall for impossible promises. Some of the companies promise that they can get anything removed from your credit report which is not possible. Any charge like student loans, liens, or back child support cannot be removed from report before they have served their time.

    The members of the National Foundation of Credit Counseling (NFCC) have to follow certain Industry approved practices. You can check if the credit repair service is a member of NFCC and check their accreditation with Council of Accreditation (COA). ( )

    You can check if the company you are dealing with is licensed with your state’s Attorney General’s office.

    My sister was in the same situation as you and she used they did not get everything removed but enough that she got approved at a way better intrest rate. I was thinking about joining myself and called the other day right now they have a 30 day risk free trial if you call.
    1-800-857-5268 THE PROMO CODE IS 404
    Check if the company has any outstanding complaints with the Better Business Bureau. (most credit repair comapnies will have a low grade due to the type of work they do and how the BBB grades it)

  5. sarahsmile90 says:
    If you need an auto loan, get a bad credit auto loan or sub-prime auto loan. You will pay a higher interest rate due to your bad credit but if you pay on time you will be re-building your credit. It takes time to raise your score just stay on track with your payments. Good luck.
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