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Anybody want to be in a singing group? [US & Canada]?

All types of music welcome.
Boys and girls.
We might break into separate groups though.
The boys and the girls I mean.
People in Canada!!!!
And people near Indiana in the states.

Hit me up with an IM or a e-mail if you are interested.
Youtube videos of you singing would be great.
Hmmm. Additional musical talent and good singing is desirable but not needed. (I’ll train)

OH! BTW!!! Plan to be lving in L.A. in two years. :)
This is:: making-my-band-of-stars-better-known-as-a-cheap-knock-off-of-p-diddy’s-show-LOL


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2 Responses to "Anybody want to be in a singing group? [US & Canada]?"

  1. HikariSatou says:
    sounds great. but im more of a solo artist.
  2. bree2flawless says:
    well it takes a lot of work to put a group togeather if you want your group to become famous you will have to work very hard and record in the studio send your demo to big places like motown but you also have to understand everything maybe you should do some research and just to let you know everything will not happen over night okay nd btw you should put your group togeather when you get to L.A so you can have a fresh start

    good luck!!!

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