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Anyone know of a reputable BK Attorney and Debt Consolidation Specialist?

Sometimes the only option for my prospects is Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation. Now as a Credit Consultant my job is to restore and maintain a squeaky clean credit report so it kills me to send them off to file BK or consolidate their debt however it’s their only option. I prefer a non-profit in the Central Valley, CA (because that’s where my office is located) who can offer these services and become part of my referral directory. If anyone out there can steer me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it. Thank you


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4 Responses to "Anyone know of a reputable BK Attorney and Debt Consolidation Specialist?"

  1. Bill C says:
    Skip a debt consolidation company, most are rip-offs. Also, most creditors won’t deal with them, but only deal with attorneys.

    For finding an attorney, your local county bar association should have an attorney referral service.

  2. Dharwadian says:
    If your clients have no other choice, then they can try a debt settlement program. One good company is Freedom Debt Relief ( ). They have a good rating with the better business bureau and have been in business since 2002. The company is run by Stanford Business School Graduates. They could be a good partner for your referrals.
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