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10 Responses to "Are HID KIT’s Legal HELP INFO"

  1. TheBopop says:
    @TCDF22 last part very true. im 21 get pulled over ALL the time in my 98 cobra because of three things 1) its yellow 2) its loud and 3) im young… it sucks
  2. TCDF22 says:
    Well, you’re wrong, simple as that. Also, you don’t seem to understand the difference in function between a projector and reflector type headlamp assembly. Retrofitting an aftermarket HID kit to an OEM reflector or projector intended for halogen filament type bulb is illegal because it is not DOT approved, regardless of what the seller says. Not getting pulled over isn’t a validation of legality. BTW, a cop can pull you over for ANY reason, at ANY time. You’re young, you’re a target. Fact.
  3. OregonRacing541 says:
    Talked to a cop last night. All hids are illegal! 3,4,5,6,7,8 and up don’t matter cops will still pull you over and give you a ticket. I asked him ” how come all the new cars have hids?” he replies idk if I see one I’ll pull them over too. ??? Wack ass cops bro. Fuck it take them to court.
  4. jobabmonroy1129 says:
    what about hids colors???
  5. GoProHD4Fun says:
    @jabez7747 Not necessarily. The nature of how HIDs produce light is different than a filament. A filament gets hotter(brighter) in the middle. The arc of an HID bulb is brightest at either end. Meaning instead of one bright spot in the middle you now have 2 bright spots. A halogen physically isn’t capable of aiming 2 hot spots vs the normal 1 a halogen bulb produces, even with those bulbs capable of being moved you still have different forms of light from each.
  6. jabez7747 says:
    @GoProHD4Fun Sorry buddy but you are wrong too…. And I have proof!!! They do not scatter because of they way the light is created but scatter because of where the light is placed within the headlight assembly. Placing it according to factory specs eliminates the scatering and pissed off oncoming drivers. Even when placed correctly they must be DOT approved
  7. GoProHD4Fun says:
    Time to fix your mistakes.
    1) They scatter not because of brightness but because of the way the light is created.
    2) 6k, 8k, 10k are illegal, but so is 3k, 5k etc. If its not properly aimed its illegal
    3) Not ANY projector will do, Ebay say “HID Ready” and its a lie, the projectors need to be built for HIDs
    4) Either you do it right or just stay with Halogens!!!
  8. RideFreeee says:
    The problem comes with approval. Over there in the US you have DOT over here in the EU were I now live we have ECE. If your lights are not approve there not legal simple as that. How halogen fit HID bulbs has approves so all such bulbs are not street legal.
  9. 02CHEVYS10 says:
    @doseh3ad thanks making one today
  10. doseh3ad says:
    hey man great vid. cant wait to see some more videos of the s10

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