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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » Are lenders required to disclose Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance to borrowers?

Are lenders required to disclose Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance to borrowers?

I’ve recently tried to refinance through the HARP program and was told I could not because the company servicing the lender paid mortgage insurance on my loan does not participate in the HARP program. The issue is that I was never made aware that my loan had mortgage insurance. I’ve done research and found that The Homeowners Protection Act requires that lenders disclose LPMI. Is this the case? And, if so, what are my options?


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  1. good guy says:
    hire a RE attorney, and pay the $100 consultation fee, or whatever it is, the money spent could save you a bundle. Or maybe if you have a city/county assistance program, they could help. Ask around, to neighbors, your bank, etc for help. maybe call your state representative and tell them you are a voter, they may also help. good luck.

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