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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Are liberal states like California and NY going to have to go bankrupt?

Are liberal states like California and NY going to have to go bankrupt?

And the libs get the exact opposite of what they are trying to achieve.
These two states aren’t the only ones in trouble, but lead the pack by far and liberals just keep electing the same people that are driving them to insolvency.

I personally don’t believe the feds will bail them out. So what’s on the horizon?
The rest of the nation had no say in the people they elected and all the money they spend and the sh*tty deals they make with unions, so now, what’s next?
Fed Up,
Are you going to blame GW when your kids grow up retarded. When odds are it’s inherited.

teabag slayer,
BIG difference. Texans pay their bills.
Unlike libs, where others have to pay FOR them.
I DO NOT think bail out are inevitable. Their debt! Their problem.
I WILL NOT pay for some loony lids vote buying scheme.


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17 Responses to "Are liberal states like California and NY going to have to go bankrupt?"

  1. Alex B. Linux... The Doctor says:
    California is it’s own heap of who knows. NY on the other hand is actually doing things. Like those dirty liberal Senators who took pay CUTS…Evil I know.
  2. TAQIYYA says:
    Bail outs are inevitable. Old fly face will insist upon them.
    Way to many liberal votes at stake to let them fail.

  3. Maxwell says:
    oh yea

    New CA gov Jerry brown, just proposed his cost saving measures, which includes a bunch of new taxes that the voters won’t approve, and his spending cuts are actually, taking money from one govt agency and giving it to another….then calling THAT less spending.

    CA is going to default.

  4. Get Westboro loons committed asap says:
    Yes they will because Congress is now majority Republicans and Tea Party and they said they block all funding Bailouts to Unions, and block Obamacare, and block anything that destroys America.
    There is NO WAY- we can afford to bail out failed Union states anymore we are 14,000,000,000,000. 00 IN DEBT!
    What good is bailing out states that continue to FAIL over and over and over again- and don’t CHANGE THEIR WAYS!\
    Its a never ending battle when the policies get more and more liberal the more debt we gain, the more likely we LOSE AMERICA!
    What good is it in the end without a country? Nobody will get anything if we lose our country but destruction- hunger- death-war- chaos etc..
  5. Teabag Slayer says:

    “Debt has almost doubled in Austin under Gov. Perry,” White said. “They think you will not notice this!”

    Game on.

    Is White right?

    We checked with the Texas Bond Review Board, which oversees the state’s issuance of most bonds used to fund numerous activities, from helping local governments with economic development to building prisons to making housing loans to veterans. According to the board’s annual reports, Texas had $34.08 billion in outstanding bonds and notes as of Aug. 31 — the end of the 2009 fiscal year.

    Perry took office Dec. 21, 2000 — nearly five months into fiscal year 2001. At the end of that year, Texas had $13.7 billion in outstanding bonds and notes. Adjusting for inflation, that would have equaled $16.6 billion in 2009.”

  6. Kenny Powers says:
    I say screw ‘em. They did it to themselves with all their liberal entitlements.
  7. Tyler says:
    Wait, wait…..who was the governor of California for many years? Oh that’s right a Republican guy called Arnold
  8. woofy says:
    I think those who can will move out and try to make over their new homes into replicas of Mexifornia or Nyawk. That is the way the Yankees always did it when they moved out of the rust belt into the South. After they have done that, the Feds will bail out Nyawk and sell Mexifornia to Mexico on the payment plan which we will never collect.
  9. mike f says:
    ive heard folks think Illinois may be leading the pack, we have already seen one bailout to states, so yes unfortunately I believe they will be “bailed out” and the can gets kicked farther down the road.It seems we will borrow until we no longer have credit.
  10. Conservative Independent says:
    Not before the rats (Certain government officials) leave the sinking ship.
  11. lost says:
    if all states do not reduce their spending, and stay to a locked budget, yes, bankrupt of states could happen. i wish we had more say so, on where the money is spent, but once the state or goverment gets their hand on it, they do with it what they please, if they had to stick to a budget, with xx money, and can not go over it,, we would not be in debt, or have huge interest to pay.
  12. Brad French says:
    Jerry Brown will make a convoluted case that it is the federal governments constitutional duty to bail them out, Bernanke will crank up the presses, Biden will pick his nose, and Obama will buy some votes. And there is nothing we can do about it, (except maybe paint Bidens fingers with cayenne pepper).
  13. Tea Party Now! says:
    Yes, liberal policies have killed them deader than Julius Caesar!
  14. Fools ignore facts says:
    I’m in CA. To me over the decades , a totally controlled liberal state assembly continuously re-elected by liberal voters deserve everything they caused. Don’t blame Arnold……what he wanted he never got, and what he didn’t want, he got it shoved down his and the rest of the state’s throats.
    Libs got it, then spent it and they want to get more so they can spend more. And they use the typical political leverage BS as they always do. Oh……all the kids in school will die, oooo all those poor people will commit suicide crap………oooooo all then natural resources will disappear, ooooo life will end for all of us nonsense and we’ll all be forced to live out of garbage cans and lay card board in the gutters for beds. All BS…but lib voters fall this crap every single time and the libs they vote for know this. PERIOD!
  15. Vesaversa says:
    If they do states like Texas and New jersey will follow . Look you need to stay in school and focus on economic because you are totally ignorant to how it work in this country every state in the union is connect in some way of fashion .Texas is trouble also so if Texas file for bankruptcy it would be bad for the entire nation .
  16. Fed Up says:
    Ten states are facing imminent bankruptcy, confounding any possibility of economic recovery as tax revenues continue to decline and unemployment increases nationwide, Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reports.

    Those states in fiscal peril include California, Arizona, Rhode Island, Michigan, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois and Wisconsin.

    Keep in mind that California & Florida have Republican Governors as a few others do.

    They also took the biggest brunt of the housing collapse.

    GW was like the guy who borrows your car uses up the gas and returns it almost empty.

    Glad the economy was doing great. Had he timed it a little later the right could have blamed the entire economic mess on Obama. Oh wait, they already do.

    Both have repeated weather related damage like Hurricanes, mud slides and fires.

    Both have immigration problems.

    Sure, this seems like the perfect time to cut taxes on the wealthy.

    Obama wants an industry we could be world leaders in and create jobs.

    Republicans want to continue to go down the toilet.

  17. Igor T. Unspeakable says:
    No. California has a chance now. We did not go with Whitman.

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