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Are offers for govenrment debt relief legitimate or a scam?

I’ve received several offers in the mail claiming to be able to give me debt relief with stimulus money from the government. They seem too good to be true. Are they a scam or is this a legitimate offer?


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3 Responses to "Are offers for govenrment debt relief legitimate or a scam?"

  1. Pat says:
    They are scams.
    There are NO GOVEERNMENT GRANTS to individuals for any purpose other than education

  2. Wayne Z says:
    All SCAMS.

    There is no such thing as a government debt relief program.

    They would charge you a huge fee and then tell you to stop paying on your debt. You then get sued by your creditors. If your lucky, then you might be able to settle for less. However, by then, your credit is completely trashed.

  3. wg0z says:
    any offer that involves you paying anybody anything is a scam, or at best a waste of your money.

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