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Are Preppers Being Realistic? Urban Hospitality! Donald Trump!

My views on preppers being unrealistic about the SHTF scenarios, social dynamics in urban areas and Donald Trumps usage of bankruptcy laws. Economic Collapse: Be Prepared by June 2011!


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25 Responses to "Are Preppers Being Realistic? Urban Hospitality! Donald Trump!"

  1. MdandThcrew says:
    @javamanpr The hell is a little 10 and 13 year old going to do against a 20-25 year old grown man….like really!
  2. Devkko says:
    @javamanpr lol ok
  3. ccrg109 says:
    @R6bbie Actually they block idiots. You would know that if you watched their videos.
  4. rdkepple says:
    The three day challenge. In 2007, a three day ice storm shut down a lot of people for weeks to months without electricity. I had a houseful of people (some really beautiful women) because I have a wood stove and had a generator living in a hardwood forest. A kerosene heater would be good in the cities, but kerosene goes bad after a while in storage. I enjoy your honest opinions from an urban perspectives.
  5. joshkkv says:
    @DEMCAD sadly your right. im 15 and where i live 90% of the people 10-20 are overweight and lazy. i myself am in good shape for my shitty diet, im 6’1 and 175lbs and i have a job as a field worker at a produce distributor, and i make 8$. most ADULTS in america cant do that, working in 95 degree weather for 4-8 hours a day with only a 10 minute lunch break. alot of the time im working faster than the adults that work there and really it kind of embaresses me that i have to work with them…
  6. Bergertim says:
    A few thoughts about water being shut off- First of all, you have about 80 gallons of water in your hot water tank (unless you have one of the new tankless water heaters, that is). And, if you can put some buckets under your eave spouts, they will be filled up every time it rains. Filter and boil the water and it should be fine. You don’t need to filter/boil for flushing water, of course. To flush, dump a bucket of water either directly in the toilet or into the tank.
  7. cobrabag says:
    im 17 lol
  8. traveln3 says:
    @traveln3 oh my bad Reggie, you didn’ do the drill. it’s a good idea to do.
  9. john2knj says:
    I don’t know what caused Trump’s casino to go bankrupt, but I do know that during his first corporate bankruptcy there were many small contractors who didn’t get paid for work that they did for him. Many of them went out of business themselves because he would not pay the bills. I wonder how many will be lining up to tell their stories once the election season really gets going…
  10. R6bbie says:
    doc and yankeeprepper and both bitches! they block you so the other followers cant read the truth
  11. ebwrath says:
    Say it like it is man! Thanks for the videos.
  12. traveln3 says:
    i can see how some preppies are not being realistic. sometimes prepparing for events
    that one has never experienced might make one think they are ready for a particular
    emergency and they are not. it’s a good idea for preppies to have a drill-like you did.
    turn off the water and electricity and see what is really needed. some city preppers have had these emergencies (no water, no electricity, robbery/assaults) and know what to do.
  13. neanam says:
    @smedheat Lol you sho know what to say
  14. neanam says:
    @javamanpr cute
  15. neanam says:
    @Ramsoondar Tricks are everywhere.
  16. smedheat says:
    donald trump=multiple bankruptcy filings
  17. huntingun1 says:
    Demcad, Why do you always laugh when you talk about tragedy?
  18. ssdwellah says:
    @DEMCAD I thank you for spending the time to produce on YouTube. Lord knows I have opinions but I just can’t dedicate the time to make videos right now! :)

    In the posters defense, though, I will say that one word can mean a world of difference and it’s easy to misread something by not seeing/hearing one word. It only takes a single word to entirely negate the meaning of a statement. Anyway, I’m sure there are still great fathers out there. There’s just, unfortunately, so many bad/absent ones.

  19. DEMCAD says:
    @Ramsoondar Seriously, it is almost impossible for a casino to go bankrupt.
  20. DEMCAD says:
    @ssdwellah Thank you for listening to me. Most Americans that I encounter fail to understand the difference between “most” and “all.”
  21. jawara105 says:
    Damn DEMCAD you just cost Donald Trump a vote!!!!
  22. starknight97 says:
    @Originaldelsig sounds ok i had too as well
  23. Originaldelsig says:
    @starknight97 Not really a “Mix up”, more of a clarification.
  24. starknight97 says:
    @Originaldelsig awe so you mixed the 2 up then. no worries history a iffy subject.
  25. ShreddedSteele says:
    donald chump

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