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Are there any online debt consolidation services that are worthwhile?

Are there any debt or credit card consolidation services that are easy to use and secure and worth the time?


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6 Responses to "Are there any online debt consolidation services that are worthwhile?"

  1. Kris says:
    I have been trying this for the past year and it has not worked for me. So I think they are a waste of time with too hefty of fees. But that may be because I am jaded with the process. I have to declare bankruptcy now from trying to use one of these settlement places.
  2. websterjdjr says:
    this is something needed to be addressed by local folks where you live. big time Internet services only want yer money
    if you think you have a problem you need to see a lawyer not just any lawyer either
    you need a lawyer that specializes in debt relief.
  3. stopccdebt says:
    It helps if you find a reputable debt consolidation company through the Better Business Bureau. Make sure they have a satisfactory rating.

    If you have great credit, a loan can help you save money while consolidating your debts. If you are having trouble making minimum payments, then you may wish to consolidate your payments using a debt management plan.

  4. Akbar B says:
    There are none that are worthwhile as you can do the same job that they do without paying their fees. Call your credit card company and explain your problem and they have a department that only works on these matters and they will cut down your interest rate as well as work out payment arrangements. Good luck.
  5. brettR says:
    Ive heard some good things from the site below…remember that these companies in general are going to charge high interest rates, but it doesn’t hurt to shop around and see what you think. I would also try out – they are a good site for this as well…
  6. stone m says:
    You should opt for debt consolidation. When you gets into a debt trap it becomes difficult to get out of it. Taking more loans to repay the debts leads to more stress and financial crisis. Finally, there is no option but to adopt debt consolidation, which leads to a new llease of life. Many people receive abusive calls from debt collectors and are stressed. Hence opting for debt consolidation is the number one solution and helps to overcome abusive calls and be free from mental stress.

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