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Are there any treaties or policies with the IMF or World bank regarding the?

insolvency of a nation.Not just regarding debt to the WB but to other nations as well.


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One Response to "Are there any treaties or policies with the IMF or World bank regarding the?"

  1. Adamo says:
    Yes, this is one of the IMF’s main functions. By the way, the World Bank is not a major source of loans to developing countries – most of these loans come from the IMF itself, from other governments, and from private banks and investors. The IMF has been instrumental in creating international insolvency (“bankruptcy”) law:

    What role did the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) legal department have in defining and disseminating insolvency law?

    Unlike some other IFIs, the IMF created its insolvency norms from its ad hoc experiences. Because of this, the IMF took pains to legitimate its insolvency norms.

    See link

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