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Art Bell Vs. JC Tuba Bebop…

Yes, this is something completely different… I was listening to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and improvised the tuba (being that it was handy at the time) to Art and JC having it out about certain things neither one of them have much understanding of. It certainly turned out to be an interesting recording. Writing this description I realize that YouTube may no longer allow paragraphs, they aren’t allowing me that option while writing this message. Too bad for the grammar movement. I sure would like to hear the gentlemen Guys from Tomorrow’s World Program on Coast to Coast Am one day, if God so wills.

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21 Responses to "Art Bell Vs. JC Tuba Bebop…"

  1. sidewindermack says:
    I’ll bet Art Bell wishes he could play the Tuba. If he could, it would help his ratings!
  2. ATSFMike says:
    J.C. reminds me of when I toot my tuba.Except mine isn’t made of brass, and only active after consuming many beans. Love Art though. Mike in Fresno, Ca. P.S. I love cats too.
  3. JRCrowley says:
    LOL. 100% AWESOME! Excellent video, sir.
  4. Scripp says:
    One of the best videos on youtube!!!!!
  5. DancingSpiderman says:
    This vid is as random as it gets!
    I LOVE your style!

    You see, I do the same thing: I listen to Coast To Coast AM, but I toot around with my trumpet, which we both can gree on is a more common musical instrument to be playing in the middle of the night than a tuba.

    I’m not missing Art Bell too much because he was always belly aching about his bad back pain, but I’m REALLY we don’t have to listen to JC ever since Art stopped being a regular.

    Jamm on!

  6. KindaGamey says:
    Sounds like the opening UFO riff to Close Encounters
  7. DChatc says:
    OMG! This is an excelent idea! It adds to the wacky hystrianics as a kind of punctuation (I think it should have been recored seperately however, as it interferes too much with the insanity, the valume needs to be just right to get the fullest effect).

    I love it!

  8. tubadylan says:
    The third are those who waste their time watching it when they don’t even dig it, and then waste even more time commenting.
  9. Aleister77newaccount says:
    tuba ruins it…how much did you waste on that piece of brass? there are 3 big usesless things in the video. the mask, the tuba, and guess the third.
  10. nhilst600 says:
    Bell, JC and a Tuba. PRICELESS !!
  11. rap9206 says:
    JC is crazzzzy but he also makes the show worth listening to.
  12. ubuchuckp4 says:
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  13. drwierd says:
    yeah kill that sax
  14. tubadylan says:
    It is a plaster sculpture from the original Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.
  15. jssnrrs says:
    I love coast to coast and thats a sweet ass mask in the background!
  16. Theol0gic says:
    Kill the Saxophone.
  17. tubadylan says:
    Me neither.
  18. StolenBase91 says:
    I dont quite understand this
  19. Mazhac says:
    lmao i love JC
  20. p0744 says:
    jc is whacked
  21. futureflyer16 says:
    what the hell is this?

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