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Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney – 404-252-2020 We are an Atlanta based Law firm. On staff we have a DUI attorney, personal injury attorney, foreclosure lawyer, medical malpractice attorney, and many other specialists. 40+ years experience. Greer, Klosik, Daugherty, Swank, and McCune Law Firm 4651 Roswell Rd. Atlanta GA 30342 (404) 252-2020


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  1. CanonVixiaHFG10 says:
    You don’t have to sit back and accept Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney! You can still save your house. Contact Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney today to learn how you can stop foreclosure and protect your home and family. I use their service… Highly recommended…
  2. sonyhandycamhdrcx130 says:
    Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney can explain our options to avoid a foreclosure sale, and help us to decide the best course of action for your situation.
  3. nihimara says:
    Not very good video for describing their services…
  4. donhugess says:
    People say that Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney are very detailed and strict about the process the bank must follow. I’ll try this…
  5. honihaha says:
    When we buy a home, we usually get a bank loan and agree to repay it with monthly payments. If we fail to make the payments for any problem, the bank can start a foreclosure action, this time Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney will help us….
  6. himanurr says:
    I m searching this types of service… Thank you…
  7. jahidurw says:
    Sometimes,Homeowners threatened for losing their home through a bank foreclosure may benefit from the services of a real estate foreclosure attorney, their service is nice…
  8. jamilurw says:
    I think this a very good service… I;ll call this number very soon….
  9. hakikur says:
    Thanks for giving this information… very good video….

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