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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » Attorney Dustin A. Zacks: Foreclosure Fraud Up at an All Time High – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

Attorney Dustin A. Zacks: Foreclosure Fraud Up at an All Time High – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

Alex also talks with attorney Dustin A. Zacks of Ice Legal about the foreclosure crisis and robo-signers. Zacks served as an Associate Editor of The Michigan Review and the Michigan Journal of International Affairs. He worked as a Judicial Intern under a judge of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. Dustin is licensed to practice in all Florida state courts and in the federal court for the Southern District of Florida. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.


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12 Responses to "Attorney Dustin A. Zacks: Foreclosure Fraud Up at an All Time High – Alex Jones Tv 2/2"

  1. TOASTTUBE1 says:
    this guy is so full of shit.
  2. aircooledvw62 says:
    “The system of banking we have both equally and ever reprobated. I contemplate it as a blot left in all our constitutions, which, if not covered, will end in their destruction, which is already hit by the gamblers in corruption, and is sweeping away in its progress the fortunes and morals of our citizens”

    – Thomas Jefferson, 1816 (he was a lawyer if you didn’t allready know that):)

  3. boldhero44 says:
    Stuff They Dont Want You To Know, here: stdwytk dot blogspot dot com (with no ’’donate’’ button !!!)
  4. fightphreak says:
    @breetown123 Fuckin eh.
  5. breetown123 says:
    @407buddy FUCKIN ROIGHT


    good to see someone else that is down with multiple FUCKS in one comment

  6. docatomics says:
    … a contract is breached if it is altered or amended without the consent of all parties ? This is not unlike a debt being sold to a third party , if you pay them that first penny , you have in action & effect endorsed & consented to the change from the original contract.
    ~Yes be fair & true but don’t inhibit your actions with programed taboo ethics as corporate banks don’t comprehend such boundaries; the USA is all ready ruined over war reparation for depleted uranium war crimes liability.
  7. carlthelycanwolf says:
    nice vid, ****comment removed by vampire rulers*****
  8. babyboominbastard says:
    When are you going to realize that the entire judicial system has been corrupted?
  9. tweed187187 says:
    The butch that got her head stomped on wasn’t a rand paul supporter.common sense tells you she’s a dem getting paid by the dems to stir up trouble and make rand look bad.she failed.
  10. Kwizdot says:
    Great man.
  11. SuperLightofTruth says:
    “A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inferences.” -Thomas Jefferson
  12. 407buddy says:

    Fuck the rules. Fuck playing the game Wall Street scum want you to play. Fuck being a consumer chump. Fuck paying every fee and tax. Keep your money (silver) in your pocket. Starve The Beast.!

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