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Bailout, Bankruptcy, and Breadlines… Just The Start

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25 Responses to "Bailout, Bankruptcy, and Breadlines… Just The Start"

  1. jadrummer110 says:
    Are you ever going to tell your audience to lynch the offending perverted Jews behind this debacle?
  2. TheMmakk says:

    and you a ball sack sniffer

  3. consumerdebtradio says:
    Instead of giving money to banks who are too big to fail, how about buying back the preditory loans where consumers were taken advantage of or going after those brokers who created the situation.
  4. breckandy says:
    You are right, they should have bailed out the homeowners not the banks.
    If they had given the homeowners the bailout, they would be able to pay the mortgage companies so then they get their bailout.
    But they bailed out the banks and there has been no trickle down effect.

    It’s all been transferred to the pockets of billionaires overseas.

  5. KJLesnick says:
    Soldiers are trained to follow orders without question, though there would be a significant number who would be opposed to it, the fact is that the government would exhaustively train them to avoid listening to any pleas for mercy and so forth, and would try to ensure none of the soldiers involved in the crackdown would be likely to disobey. If by luck any soldiers did have a flash of conscience, they’d probably be summarily shot to terrorize any others from doing the same
  6. PoliticalAnimal1959 says:
    And that’s what this government will do. With the absolute full support & backing by law enforcement at all levels and the U.S. military, the American people will be pummeled and brutalized. Some maintain that the military would never betray their own citizens. That is not true! They will do so because military personnel are programmed to take orders. Their paychecks and their lives depend upon it. So, even if they receive the most dastardly orders, these orders will be carried out.
  7. CGi69 says:
    Charlie, great message. Really is something the lumpen masses can probably understand and maybe, just possibly, finally, GET PISSED OFF!
  8. KJLesnick says:
    I just hope this doesn’t provoke any violence. Something like that would only give the government the justification to bring the hammer down and squash everybody like bugs.
  9. Aristilus says:
    @whistlersmother1 True.
  10. whistlersmother1 says:
    @Aristilus We are in an economic and political dictatorship.
  11. nld1960 says:
    @darksideoffroad Thank You!That means a lot.I was not supposed to go because I had just finished a 14mo hardship tour in the mountains of Korea.(I was in aviation)I spent 2 winters there.They said I had to go because of my flight mos.That was bs, they just wanted some more meat for Halliburton and Johnson.The money they made is unforgiving.
    Anyway, thank you. Man, I feel for those guys now.Most of us were unmarried and so many were drafted.Now they are guys/gals from the Guard.Most married.Sick
  12. NOCENTTPG says:
    @kenniemaxx The beginning of the hebrew month is Tues(Elul 1) or aug 30th. gotta wait and see though. I have a hebrew calendar right in front of me at my desk. It notes tues. as the beginning of the 5th month.
  13. toshibavoodoo says:
  14. Hermanvogel says:
    Odd, it got worse after the 06 elections,,,Who won the congress after 06? On the Food Stamp issue,,we have, right now, college students on food stamps and they were incouraged to do so by the Welfare offices,,,job security? We also have Shack-up couples where one or the other pretend to be “Unemployed” so they can get free food, free medical, section-8 and welfare so they can go out and party with all that free money they get from us the ones that worked for it.
  15. stophypocrisy says:
    Your asking the criminals in DC to hold accountable the criminals on Wall Street?
  16. kenniemaxx says:
    @NOCENTTPG It is a Illuminati number. also notice the date 8-23-2011 …. their is 32211. It is all planned. This weekend is the beginning of the 6th Hebrew month and also Sunday is an illuminati number 8-28-2011. And the Hurricane strikes at the same time. Got to wait and see what happens.
  17. buyred says:
    Great video Charlie, bravo!!
  18. MrXJ911 says:
    inciting anger in spoiled entitled persons is wrong.
  19. MrXJ911 says:
    yes it was spoiled ass people wanting more than they could afford combined with greedy bankers. i still live next to them. they go to the river and pretend they are milionaires. they say, I have a quad, camper and trailer but no retirement. stop blaming the outside and blame yourselves for greed and self entitlement. no different than the bankers.
  20. searching68 says:
    WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA! — Join the Revolution
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”


  21. orangedac says:
    good job Charlie.

  22. ScorpiusIncorruptus says:
    Should we’ve ever put such value in our homes? I’m not a home-owner – my mother is – but I can understand the pride someone puts into their living space. I take pride in my single bedroom. But what I don’t understand is why we trivialize such a piece of our personal life by intertwining it with something like the “market.” For me, a home is the most important human essential and for us to prop it up so high as to allow it to perhaps fall down is counterproductive. In that, we’ve lost our minds.
  23. PatriotReport says:
    Why can’t we have people like Charlie running for president? Probably because they know the’d be taken out quickly by the PTB.
  24. NOCENTTPG says:
    market up today 322.11, isn’t that the same day the health care bill was signed on last year. Then today, an earthquake in the dc, va area. It maybe something to it, maybe not. Just wanted to point out that the market ended up 322.11. Skull and bones perhaps. U never can tell these days, but i definitely don’t put it past tptb.
  25. hollyzone says:
    …and to think there are folks determined to vote for soetorro again. psh

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