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Bank have you believing your number is up?

What is your Situation? Are you behind on your mortgage payments or property tax? Is your Lender threatening to sell your home? Have you received a Notice of Sale or Demand Letter? Is the sheriffs office knocking at your door? What is a Foreclosure Escape Artist? It is what we call our expert team members… Why?… because our team can help you escape the jaws of Foreclosure and Power of Sale. We specialize in providing solutions for Families and help them stay in their home and preserve their equity when facing Foreclosure or Power of Sale. Every year, thousands of Canadian families are removed from their homes without knowing help is out there. We work with Families to stop proceedings which threaten to take away their home, equity and dignity. We understand that families are sometimes affected by things that are totally out of their control Job Loss Accidental Injury Sudden Illness or Medical Emergency Loss of a Loved One Unexpected Emergency Expense Other unexpected Life events When events like these happen, one of the first things affected is your credit rating with your Bank and other credit companies. Do Banks or Credit Card companies care you had a life altering event… MAYBE! Will Banks and Credit Card companies forgo their payments to help you through your tough time… NEVER! So where do you turn when your life has been turned upside down and now you are at risk of losing your most valued possession? Well when you clicked through to our site you may have

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