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Bank of America Christmas

Mr. Murray’s home will be sold at a foreclosure auction next week (Dec. 28th in Fairfax County, Va) despite the fact there has been a ratified short sale contract for nearly a week. The reason? We can’t get through to anyone at the bank and have been repeatedly bounced from one clueless department to another. There’s no continuity, no clear process and so far no resolution to the simplest of issues: Bank approval to sell a home to a willing buyer. Everyone involved has done their part. Why can’t BoA?

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  1. MrOne4truth says:
    They took mine´╗┐ too, they are stealing tens of thousands of homes, our gov’t is owned by the banks, when will america wake up? Ron Paul will not be owned, we neeed to take our gov’t back!! One day all will stand in front of a JUDGE

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