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Bank Of America Insolvency? Black Horsemen Is Here!

Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana “pleads” with the body of Christ to start tithing and stay under the “Blessings of Jesus” and not the curse of the Black Horse of the Apocalypse!


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26 Responses to "Bank Of America Insolvency? Black Horsemen Is Here!"

  1. ConnectionMagazine says:
    Tithe laws limited the priests to room and board. Tithe laws demanded a real storehouse from which all widows, orphans and needy foreigners had regular access. Show me a church that follows the tithe law and limits it’s pastor to room and board, and has a true storehouse where most of the money is given to the poor and needy widows, orphans and needy strangers.
  2. ConnectionMagazine says:
    Paul, spirit-filled followers of Yahshua ha’Mashiach are ” givers” not tithers. We are free to give as the spirit leads. What and where to give is not to be demanded or commanded of any Holy Spirit-filled believer.
  3. curatchko says:
    @YourIdeaOfGodSux Tithing is not for the church and the pastor to live well. Since you got that wrong, maybe you ought to revisit your notion that God does not exist. You see, if you can’t get the simple stuff right, how can you get the rest right?
  4. company328 says:
    QUESTION: Does “Stephen of Oklahoma” have a job? This guy seems to have TONS OF TIME on his hands to be able to provide SO MUCH information to you Brother Paul.
  5. TPerez1021 says:
    There are actually several scriptures that you can make arguments for (But obviously I can’t prove something you’d rather not believe) . GOD wouldn’t need the money personally. But he loves his church and for you to bless the church would please GOD
  6. TPerez1021 says:
    Of course there are lots of false prophets. Difference is Paul Uses actual events that have happened as signs. Of there’s news of people too. Lots of bad people around to make news happen. But NO god? I suppose you believe the entire Universe just appeared from nothing
  7. MacVaultDweller says:
    A vid for the watchmen
  8. ppdrawings says:
    @DallasTheGreat28 Tithing is not but “giving is”. Tithing is! a good way to make sure you’re giving abundantly according to scripture and not sparingly. Thats the problem with many people in church today. They give sparingly and expect to receive abundantly.
  9. ppdrawings says:
    @DallasTheGreat28 isn’t that why it’s called the “old covenant”?? I’m a witness that tithing works. Like most people – I didn’t believe it until I tried it for myself.
  10. kjkelek3 says:
    Does anyone know how the black horse comes before the white horse who is the antichrist?
  11. DallasTheGreat28 says:
  12. DallasTheGreat28 says:
  13. DallasTheGreat28 says:
  14. Youmitsumi says:
    @AnnSaraGabriel the spirit of antichrist has been here before Christ died. go compare the two horsemen in revelation. one is a fake and one is the truth. if you are saying the antichist spirit, then you wouldn’t have asked where the white horseman was since it was here all the long.
  15. AnnSaraGabriel says:
    @Youmitsumi I kindly disagree, the spirit of the antichrist has been around since Christ died. The white horseman represents a counterfeit Christ!
  16. Zouscarlett says:
    The Revelation: “For if you will read the Book of Revelation with the idea of the body as the interpretation, you will understand yourself and learn to really analyze, psychoanalyze, mentally analyze others. But you will have to learn to apply it in self first.” Cayce Reading: 4083-1
  17. Youmitsumi says:
    @whatsupinthenews but dont just blindly believe what i or begley say– to look it up and study it yourself. let the bible interpet itself (and use some common sense and critical thinking) because if you just blindly listen and accept, you WILL be led astray. no doubt about it. which is why jesus said to always question.
  18. Youmitsumi says:
    @whatsupinthenews the fourth seal will be diseases that will follow cloesly behind the famine because the immune system will be shot for various reasons, also on a global scale. and plagues wise, if texas was having a plague, then it would not affect just one (or several small) regions, it would affect the world and all eyes will be on it.
  19. Youmitsumi says:
    @whatsupinthenews in revelation there is 2 white horses, one is false religion and one is jesus. technically speaking, false religion has been here since the fall of man. now, it can be speaking of one main false religion, but whatever, its false religion nonetheless. and Jesus wouldn’t go out conquering and to conquer. the second seal will be a great war that will engulf the earth that was not ever seen on any magnitude. the third seal is famine, but it will be on a world scale, not just the us
  20. JesusPuppet says:
    Are you Serious?
  21. jb0433628 says:
    JP Morgan, Goldman Sach, Bank or England, Société Générale, they are also insolvent and bankrupt. But Obama gives them trillions to keep them running because they told him to do so.
  22. MrBillyblue777 says:
    the summer of DISCONTENT
  23. cmchambers777 says:
    B.O.A.=Bend Over America
  24. Vonstowne says:
    Paul – greywolf424 please do not even let that ENTER into a Beginning Thought. Stop It BEFORE it reaches your brain. This is someone who needs to create chaos. This personality does the exact same type of BUTTON PUSHING everywhere they want to INCLUDE themselves. This person is not able to discern between tithe and scam or advise about to your own church or your missions your involved. Theis person has no idea how many 1,000′s of missions there are so all this JUDGEMENT has to PIN IT ON YOU. So
  25. 2uyvonne says:
    Amen! Keep preaching the Truth and bring them to Christ brother Paul!
  26. lou says:
    I urge you mindless trolls that believe this bullshit to stear clear of this mental case. This is how this guy makes a living. He makes people paranoid. He preys on the mindless and literally puts the fear of God into people. He has a book for 19.95 and for 39.95 he will autograph it. Really? Seriously? What bothers me is that the mindless sheep that listen to him will buy it. This guy is no better than Jim Jones. He is from a small hicktown in Indiana and he is supposed to be a prophet? More like: profit. Don’t drink Paul Begley’s Kool Aid. Open your minds. Think for yourselves. Don’t let a Book think for you.

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