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Bankruptcy and how it appears on credit report?

My girlfriend and her husband are considering on filing Bankruptcy, but wanted to know exactly how it appears on their credit report? He already has a Foreclosure, Repossesion and countless of other delinquencies.Anyway, when he files for Chapter 7 will all those deliquent accounts be removed and the only thing appears on the report would be BANKRUPTCY or will it still reflect those creditors in addition to Bankruptcy? I think it would but that’s just my guess anyway if anyone here has filed and saw how it’s reflecting on their report, please reply.


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3 Responses to "Bankruptcy and how it appears on credit report?"

  1. D J says:
    All the information stay on your credit report to 7 years, Since his credit is already trashed they might as well default & file. After the bankruptcy they can start rebuilding their credit , but it will take years.
  2. bdancer222 says:
    Each individual account will show that the debt was discharged in bankruptcy. Those items will age off the credit report 7-1/2 years from the date of first deficiency. The bankruptcy itself will show in the public records section and remain for 10 years. This is per the FCRA.

    Filing bankruptcy does not clear your credit report. It just relieves your from having to pay the debt. The “clean slate” is no debts to pay, not the credit report.

  3. crbesq says:
    The accounts will be listed and reported as $0 balance, discharged in bankruptcy.

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