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Bankruptcy attorney ; can they still help me or will I have to pay ?

I got my discharge in the mail at the end of Febuary 09′ , I paid $2000.00 for this bankruptcy.

It is now April 09′ and received a collection letter from Hudson & Keyse , should I mail or fax this to the law firm that handled my bankruptcy ?

Or after my Meeting of Creditors or after receiving my discharge , they are no longer able to help me?

If this “debt” that I got a letter about was included in my Bankruptcy isn’t it the Bankruptcy attorney / law firms responsibilty to deal with this collection letter ?

If this debt was discharged ,is there any legal action I could take against this collection agency ? Would any lawyer want to sue them,the lawyer could keep all the money I don’t care ?I just want them to pay for harrassing me.

Should I email the collection agency ? Or just send a letter ?


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2 Responses to "Bankruptcy attorney ; can they still help me or will I have to pay ?"

  1. Pat says:
    If your debt occurred before the bankruptcy, then it was probably discharged with the BR.

    The company may have made an honest mistake.
    Or they may be trying to scam you into thinking you still have to pay.

    Mail them a copy of the discharge order with a letter telling them to stop contacting you.

    If you hear from them again, contact the attorney.


  2. SCOTT M says:
    Did you list Hudson & Keyse (or their client) as one of your creditors in your filing?

    I would ask your attorney to handle this.

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