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Bankruptcy Attorney in Folsom CA Speaks Out : Hire an Attorney To Fight the Banks Ruehmann Law Firm, PC 9580 OAK AVENUE PKWY STE 15 FOLSOM, CA 95630-1888 Telephone: 888 221 5355 FAX: 916-988-8002 E-mail: START YOUR BANKRUPTCY FOR $249 PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE SAVE YOUR HOME AND ELIMINATE YOUR 2ND MORTGAGE …


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25 Responses to "Bankruptcy Attorney in Folsom CA Speaks Out : Hire an Attorney To Fight the Banks"

  1. SecurityKevStyle says:
    your channel is WOW you are one of the best in the US
  2. justgetsome says:
    @danfive555 …yes, that’s for any given year. What about 6% defaults over ten years? That’s 60% of houses that have gone into foreclosure during the last decade, you see?
  3. danfive555 says:
    @justgetsome The mortgage defaults are still really low 5-6 % max. So 94% of the borrowers are paying on time, everytime.
  4. auctionmusic says:
    attorneys cost a fortune
    they’ll say you lose the second – nope!
    they’ll say you pay back 10% on cc’s – nope! – try 60 or higher
    they say 3 years – nope! most only qualify for 5!
    the bk court trustee gets 10% of all you send in
    court is tight on allowed expense money for food et al..
    All raises go to the creditors
    you still owe the credtiors in the end
    Deal with your creditors directly – they will settle for far less than bk…
    irs 982 protects you if you are insolvent…..
  5. justgetsome says:
    @Eraser7622 …we will have to agree on a disagree. The housing bubble was inflated because of low interest rates, people loaded up and bought houses they couldn’t afford and they eventually stopped paying. This is fact.
  6. Eraser7622 says:

    Okay, I appreciate the passion with which you speak, AND I believe that you paid for what you say you did, but don’t start talking too much about things you don’t understand such as the bailouts. the bailouts had NOTHING at all.. NOTHING to do w/ consumers defaulting on loans. You are completely in over your head on this one.

    If you want to complain, call the Bernake.. if you want to know how to move forward and turn things in your favor, I already told you.

    Best wishes friend

  7. ghosty426 says:
    Usuary is in the Bible as a sin.

    Contact the fine Lawyers at Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe.

    Litigate while you still can and the banks and lawyers can still play THEIR games.

  8. justgetsome says:
    @Eraser7622 …I don’t own banks anything, i never had a mortgage on any of the properties we owe. We have always saved money and paid cash for everything, including property. This isn’t bullshit either, I’m pissed because I get 4% on term deposits when i should be getting 14%.
  9. justgetsome says:
    @Eraser7622 …your position is defunked because i have never had a mortgage or borrowed money from anyone. I paid cash for my house, yes cash and in full. I know this is unusual as it is for someone to actually save enough money to purchase large scale items but it isn’t bullshit i assure you.
  10. Eraser7622 says:


    there is a war going on friend.. it is the banks and their elite masters versus you and your wife.. me and my wife and kids and neighbors and friends and all the good people who have played by the rules our whole lives only to be screwed over like we are children who dare not question the wisdom of our parents.

    The revolution has started… you are either on our side, or your support the slave masters (Stockholm syndrome anybody?).

    STARVE the beast and default TODAY

  11. justgetsome says:
    @Eraser7622 …another thing. Why did banks need bailouts? because they gave loans to Americans who didn’t pay them back. This is the simple truth. Everyone wants to blame the banks….why? they loanded money to losers who didn’t pay it back, then they get the bailiut money and they don’t loan it out….why would they? they got burned by american losers who couldn’t but a toaster unless they charged it to a credit card. Americans are just credit rich losers, i wouldn’t loan them a dime.
  12. Eraser7622 says:

    For you to call that approach cowardly is to prove your lack of understanding of the fundamental issue at hand. If somebody in your family were to lend you $30,000, for example.. that person had to work and labor for that money which they saved over time. This debt must be repaid from a moral and ethical standpoint. That same loan given you from a bank in the form of credit is created from thin air with no labor.. why does the bank deserve it more than you? Default or get fuk’d

  13. justgetsome says:
    @Eraser7622 …very cowardly approach indeed. Don’t be a man, don’t pay your bills, is this how your parents raised you? I didn’t do anything wrong by the way, i don’t understand what you mean. Capitalism doesn’t work wihtout capital, capital comes from savings…no one is saving except for me and my wife. Everyone is a credit rich loser, i deserve alot more than 4% in a term deposit.
  14. chiyerano says:
    @chiyerano Some things just take care of themselves over 7 years. I just focus on paying my utility bills on time as it’s a good way to rebuild credit without going into any more debt and I’m getting something I need or can use anyway.
  15. chiyerano says:
    Bankruptcy stays on credit history for 10 years and makes it really difficult at times to rent or even get certain jobs. Almost everything else such as charge offs, repossessions, and such just take 7 years to clear off one’s credit history.
  16. naiharncliff says:
    @chadberry75 The white house is already a rental property.
  17. andrewade68 says:
    …high, and high, and more high, getting high morerest high, with high getting more high, is…hey pass, pass, puff, pass, puff, high…and soasmuch as high in the woah!…I gotta like go to work after I get the job, wow, that blows…what about the dream?…pass that joint back dude…but I like little dicks, they don’t hurt as much, high, puff, high, girls?…what do they do?…high…
  18. bilpayne says:
    all lawyers are slime
  19. chadberry75 says:
    wait till the FOR SALE sign is on the white house lawn..he..
  20. jimini10 says:
    See how NY bankruptcy law may be developing with respect to MERS:
  21. Eraser7622 says:

    make that disingenuous

  22. Eraser7622 says:

    so you did things wrong (even though you THOUGHT it was right b/c you believed the evil doers) and now you want other people to continue to do it wrong so that your wrong decisions aren’t so wrong?

    Sorry, but for you to suggest people pay back credit from banks who created the credit out of thin air, is to offer disengenuine advice.

    EVERYBODY: DEFAULT NOW on ALL BANK DEBT. Fight them in court if you want to, pay an attorney as it will cost u less than the debt. STARVE ‘EM!!

  23. ThirdProverb says:
    …If you do they see that as having no reason to go forward with mod. I also threaten to notify my State reps/Congressman..
  24. ThirdProverb says:
    @mxp2000 If you are doing a Loan Mod – also make sure you send everything Certified Mail with a return receipt to you. They have to sign for it and you have proof they received it. This is so effective. Got my mod under 6 months even after an attorney told me that only 5% get mod and he suggested foreclosure. Others I know waited over a year. Plus dont pay your mortgage at all.
  25. ThirdProverb says:
    If you are doing a Loan Mod – also make sure you send everything Certified Mail with a return receipt to you. They have to sign for it and you have proof they received it. same thing when disputing your credit report. This is so effective.

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