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Bankruptcy : Chapter 7 VS Chapter 13 San Diego Bankruptcy lawyer gives you the basics on Bankruptcy .San Diego bankruptcy lawyer Paul Staley explains chapter 7 versus chapter 13 and all that you will need to know. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is a big decision., the more you know about credit card debt…


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3 Responses to "Bankruptcy : Chapter 7 VS Chapter 13"

  1. kathstaley says:
    Good question.I know a lot of people would like to have an easy answer, but there isn’t one . Assuming you have no assets in a home most likely a Chapter 7. Without a meeting, I can’t really tell you absolutely .Most bankruptcy lawyers will give you a free consultation .Take advantage of that offer, so you can know the answer for your situation .When you call for that appointment be sure you get to talk to a lawyer (confirm on that) not a paralegal .
    Good luck and all the best
  2. darkbreed1964 says:
    How about if your unemployed for over a year and in the process of a divorce which chapter would be best for me
  3. Gideondfas says:
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    This video is crazy, I love it!

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