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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » Bankruptcy claimed 2 years ago and credit card that was included is still showing up on my credit report?

Bankruptcy claimed 2 years ago and credit card that was included is still showing up on my credit report?

Please help I’m not sure what I need to do. I just applied for a small personal loan thru my credit union. I was denied because of what they said was a current debit. (A credit card that was included in the bankruptcy is still showing I owe them money) I claimed bankruptcy almost 2 years ago and now I have no current debit I am very careful of this because I got a 2nd chance. My other problem my lawyer that I used for my bankruptcy case is no where to be found. His number is disconnected and he has moved out of the office he was in. Please help me I need to prove that this is not a current debit.


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9 Responses to "Bankruptcy claimed 2 years ago and credit card that was included is still showing up on my credit report?"

  1. Mentor says:

    You can always seek the assistance of another professional who is an expert in dealing with such issues and get your problem rectified if you have all the legal papers with you still. Checkout for some valuable tips on dealing with the situation. Good luck.

  2. Shrek says:
    it will and can for up to 10 years. just because you have a BK does not clean the slate. BK get you out of dept, but your credit will be in bad shape for years to come. start out by try to get credit any credit to rebuild your credit. The bills/credit you have keep paying on time every time to show that you are credit worthy and get credit you can afford and keep paying on time every time to help rebuild your credit worthiness. they do have people that say they can get stuff off, but be very carefully you here more bad stories then good.

    good luck been there done that

  3. Cheri says:
    Call your attorney that did the bankruptcy. This happened to me and I went back on them. He took care of it after 3-4 calls and me going in and telling him that this was “YOUR DOING” . I gave him all the papers. The following week I received a letter from him that it was taken care of. I pulled my report and it was gone. Also, the person that says you will have bad credit for years, does not know what hes talking about. I bought a house 3 yrs after a banruptcy. You have to start by going to your bank and getting secured loans for 500 dollars, pay that down in 6mths than get another, but trick is pay on time do not pay off early due to they want to see long term things not quick pays. I did this 4 times than I got a credit card thgough my bank. I had a 500 limit put on it. I used it each month for gas and paid off toal each month. 31/2 yrs later I bought a house and NOT one that gives you all the breaks, I bought land and had it built. Just have to save and know how to build your credit. If you have a Chase bank in your area they ar good about helping you with rebulilding. GOOD LUCK
  4. sallym76 says:
    I would start by filing a dispute with the credit reporting agency who is showing it on your report. They will do an investigation to see if it is valid, and if not (if it was settled through the bankruptcy) then they will remove the outstanding debt. If that doesn’t work, then call the company that is showing as owed.
  5. blickyjunk says:
    You need to file a dispute through the credit bureau in which it is reporting to. They will conduct an investigation and within 30days they have to update your credit report. If you have a copy of your discharge papers you can send that in with your investigation request to speed up the process but if you don’t that’s OK they will research it.
  6. SPIFIMAN1 says:
    Send copies of your bankruptcy discharge papers that show this account being included to the credit bureaus and request that the item be updated.

    It should read “included in bankruptcy” with a $0 balance.

  7. SU says:
    If it shows as “still owing”, then the credit bureau can change it, but they won’t necessarily delete it. IF it was discharged in the bankruptcy, the credit bureau will most likely want a copy of your discharge papers proving that and they will then change it to “discharged” or “discharged via bankruptcy” or something like that — BUT it won’t disappear altogether. You can request all of this yourself by contacting the credit bureau either by phone, online, or regular mail.

    Discharged items, bad debt, and bankruptcies stay on your record for some time (discharged items and bad debt items 7 years, bankruptcies 10 years).

  8. annrenee11 says:
    I just went through the same thing. You should file a dispute with your credit bureau but the best way to take care of this quickly is contact the company that is showing this debt and speak to their bankruptcy department (most creditors have them). Tell them that this item is showing up on your credit report as current even though it was dismissed in bankruptcy.
    Have your bankruptcy paperwork handy, as they my ask for the discharge date and you may have to mail/fax a copy of the item showing that the account in question was dismissed.
    Also be aware that it may take up to 45 days for the corrected information to post to your credit report.
    As far as your attorney is concerned, don’t bother. This is something you can handle yourself. There is no need to go through the hassle of trying to find him!
    Good Luck!!!
  9. foxy says:
    You need to contact the Bar of Attorney’s to see if they Lawyer that filed for your Bankruptcy is still an active attorney or you can even can the court and advise them of the problem and tell them you need a docket (it will tell you each & every creditor) and that will help you figure out if it was ever included in your Bankruptcy.

    I wish you the best of luck

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