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Bankruptcy in the UK – an Overview

Personal Bankruptcy UK – debt advice from on pros and cons of bankruptcy in England and Wales. Also, information on consequences of bankruptcy, restrictions that apply during bankruptcy. Call us on free phone 0800 169 1536 for confidential advice


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3 Responses to "Bankruptcy in the UK – an Overview"

  1. lovemetwicetoday says:
    Thank you for this :) I’ve just moved to the Bankruptcy department in my company and I found this very informative :) .
  2. kingwaldo100 says:
    Dont trust the FOS, they are opinion makers and are living on another world.

    If you are in debt, go bankrupt. These debt companies are like vultures, if your partner is pregnant leave the country, because there is a very good chance she will not have the baby due to treats,excessive phone calls and harrassment. A corrupt system, banks lie, codes and acts are breached, FSA just watch and dont do anything. A failed system and banks are fully protected.

    Ex IFA, Director 20 yrs service FSA

  3. galenj01 says:
    Very informative piece!

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