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Bankruptcy is NOT the End of the World

Powerful words of encouragement for anyone who is forced to file a bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer makes it clear that bankruptcy does NOT mean that your life is over. Nor is it the ultimate mark of shame . A number of incredibly successful people went through one or more bankruptcies on their way to success. You can do the same thing. In spite of all of the hooplah about damaging your credit rating, a person who has been through a bankruptcy, if he or she is determined enough, can do just about every single thing that anyone else can do, including buying a home, buying a car, obtaining credit cards, and starting a new business. After a bankruptcy, all you need to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go at life again. Please send this video to your friends or relatives who are struggling with a financial crisis.


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9 Responses to "Bankruptcy is NOT the End of the World"

  1. DevilsCuz says:
    Good video. The only problem is I see in this videos is that it’s easier said than done when you have never gone through a bankruptcy. You really have to put yourself in a good situation before you file for bankruptcy. Maybe sure you have plans on what you will do after a bankruptcy. One fear I’ve always have is that I might become one of those homeless people with a sign “I will work for food” if I ever file for bankruptcy. How do you live with yourself if things ever get that bad for you?
  2. califranky says:
    was good to hear tho as I didn’t know the history and storys of all the great men that you mentioned, the only thing is in the times we live in today do you think that we will ever have the chance to make it again? i feel like time is slowing me down and the machine that was ticking fast in me be for is under the same slowing down effect, I wonder if anybody else is feeling the same way, but anyways this was a good encouragement and I´d like to thank you for it
  3. califranky says:
    Hi, I lived in France and after my first bankruptcy there decided to move back to California, same storm story over there so for the third time moved to Germany just to get a new start in a new world and guess what, Bankruptcy over there too, all this in a 12 year time and now back in France, next month i will be 47, running short on ideas with all the crises going on but I´m hoping to get that energy back that i used to have, i was a fighter by nature but now I´m not sure anymore, this….
  4. CHOZENVEZL says:
    Wow. Such encouragement. Thank you very much.
  5. myjazzvibes says:
    Thank you so much for this encouraging video!
  6. jonesey5168 says:
    a chapter 7 BK is a relief beyond words….think of it as a re-org like a big corporations does…do you think that they lose one bit of sleep over going BK? No…enjoy your life!!!
  7. athomas1823 says:
    Thank you so much, you are so kind and loving. I pray that your practice does better than you could ever imagine. I feel horrible about the situation I am in and you make me feel a lot better, I wish you practiced in my state, but I would probably spend the whole time crying so it is better that you don’t. God Bless.
  8. tormozat says:
    Good video.
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