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Bankruptcy or Collection agencies ?

I just wanted to have some information about What would be the worst between the two? Filing for Bankruptcy or still having my name in a collections agency, financially it’s been a struggle for the last four years and I want to pay everything off. I am in the process of getting work. It will take some time ,but it will be done. I have not filed for bankruptcy nor do I want to do that, however I have the collection agencies calling everyday. What would be the best solution right now and the wisest thing to do? Thanks for the best answer


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  1. sc says:
    if your are getting calls from collection agencies that usually means your credit rating is between r6 and r8…filing for bankruptcy puts you to an r9 for 9 months until discharged and then you start at 0 again.

    depending on the amount of debt you have, and if you have loans on a car or home, id say go to a debt councilor and they will give you a few options.

    google Meyers Norris Penney, see if they have an office near you, thats where i went and they were awesome!

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