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Banks and Congress cozy up

The officials in the House and Senate passed a bill recently that would allow banks to begin the process of evicting homeowners that have missed bill payments by allowing out-of-state and electronic notarizations. US President Obama vetoed it but unfortunately the foreclosure war has continued to wage and lobbyists for Wall Street appear to be gaining momentum.

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25 Responses to "Banks and Congress cozy up"

  1. Tarkan123456 says:
    Having a home and a car does not make you rich.İt just makes you live like a human being.When your three child goes to univercity and you can fund them, these even doesn’t make you rich.Or having a summer house..Guys there are really extremely rich people out there….
  2. 111WLee says:



  3. drewstarr71 says:
    many will die not only in the U.S., but worldwide…….it is truly going to be a living nightmare once this starts rolling……3-5 years of a depression or a full out civil war…who knows at this time. Once the free cheese ends the rats will revolt then!!
  4. frontier1701 says:
    Proof positive that both Congress and Senate is in the pocket of the gangster banksters
  5. xXJADEXx7 says:
    @dragnet53 nice, conclude I said what I said because only men are qualified to answer anything. People like you crack me up, your own sensitivities toward something mean someone else must have the same ones. Idiot.
  6. mcap52 says:
    Give me a break with the Obama knows best crap. It is these same banks that gave Barry millions in 08 and will give him millions more in 2012. Just a little “you scratch my back and I scratch yours. Obama is the biggest crook in Washington,just FOLLOW THE MONEY RT
  7. trotwoodtrouble says:
    @dj4monie sorry you are wrong I had that chance to screw the banks and I choose not too
  8. ghuey31 says:
    why is she saying the same thing over and over and one eye compltly covered, suspious
  9. BlacksAreBeautiful says:
    This bill was sent back for revisions. This will probably be signed AFTER the elections. This moratorium on foreclosures will “clog” up the banks ability to clear these homes from either their balance sheet or the inventory. Don’t be so quick to give Obama any credit here, until we see the FINAL bill! 
  10. Niacin11 says:
    The corrupt congress can’t prosecute their friends the bankers. They all need to be hung.
  11. xchainlinkx says:
    for crying out loud…STOP LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO BLAME RT! This is what happens in a greedy monetary based society. If you want to give everyone access to a home, food, water, you have to change the way society is. If it wouldn’t be for those who voted for the bill, there would’ve been others who would’ve replaced them. You don’t stomp on ants in your kitchen to get rid of them, you remove the rotten food which they originate from.
  12. dragnet53 says:

    I guess you believe you are more qualified or is it only a man can be qualified?

  13. dragnet53 says:
    RT they see the elections coming up. They are just delaying this bill because it would be strong ramifications and they don’t want to be voted out. Wait till after the elections. Mark my word on that.
  14. danadlt1 says:
    I’d like to thank congress for showing us who they REALLY work for so close to the election. we should see all of the current congresspeople and house representative at the unemployment office november 3, 2010. and dont jump the line stand there like the rest of us.
  15. opAir01 says:
    revenge of banks and wallstreet on people speaking out against em …. and the govt couldnt do anything about it.

    welcome to NEW WORLD ORDER.

  16. patricblack1 says:
    Jihan Hafiz is one of my favorite hosts. RT you have reporters that aren’t annoying. Thanks.
  17. yourboycal says:
    @dj4monie “Nobody spent more money than Bush and the Republicans (Neo-Cons) and we’re suppose to believe you’re reformed Conservatives and will do the correct thing like slash Military Spending in HALF, leave Social Security ALONE, be HEAVY handed with Health Insurance ”

    Please look into how much obama has spent it will save u from making comments like this. Both bush and obama are the same puppets with the same strings . There is no excuse for any of it .

  18. yourboycal says:
    @dj4monie a) I dont give a shit about bush . Please stop crying bush

    b) I dont give a shit about obama

    c) Both are the same shit differnt asshole

    d) Both are on the same strings . Obama continued the same wasteful pointless fiat spending like bush. Why do you assume i like bush when i talk about obama??? i dont like either i dotn subscribe to puppet politics like you fools

  19. dj4monie says:
    @labartic YES and NO, if you legally loose your home, then FINE. But the BANKS (like I said earlier) have been CAUGHT Robo-signing paperwork without checking of legality and even evicting a man who paid CASH for his home, that’s suppose to be impossible isn’t it? This is systemic FRAUD no other way around it.
  20. dj4monie says:
    @trotwoodtrouble What is your problem? Free homes? The Banks did this, not the people. If somebody told you that you could buy a home with no closing cost, no income verification and no money down, you would do it, don’t lie. They also would include a teaser interest rate. Stop pretending everybody in America is savvy with Finance, that’s simply not the case. Now the Banks have been caught trying to force people from home ILLEGALLY, you Mr Constitution don’t have a problem with this????
  21. KillerCracker69 says:
    Of course it’s the middle class that give foreclosure attorneys business. They’re the ones being systematically destroyed!
  22. dj4monie says:
    @mutexnet What this Constitution Nonsense? A new rallying cry? Clinton is responsible for many things, but so is Bush and Papa Bush and Regan, gee see how that works? They need to let home prices FALL to where they should be INCLUDING YOUR HOME and remove the debt (holidays, write downs, etc) from the system.
  23. xXJADEXx7 says:
    that lady was hardly an expert on anything.
  24. dj4monie says:
    @yourboycal What is your problem? Nobody spent more money than Bush and the Republicans (Neo-Cons) and we’re suppose to believe you’re reformed Conservatives and will do the correct thing like slash Military Spending in HALF, leave Social Security ALONE, be HEAVY handed with Health Insurance Companies and Let BANKS that deserve to FAIL, FAIL? Please, this cry of Debt (Wolf, Wolf!) is ridiculous.
  25. xMJMx1 says:
    And also Georg Bush started spending money. (because of war) Obama inheritet the debt, and is making it worse. If you remove Obama, a Republic will come to power, what changed do you expect? Well i expect that Israel gets 10-12 mio. dollars every day from US, more money goes to endless wars, and nothing big will change. My point is that you cant just say Obama is the problem, it is the corruption.

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